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Sweet Boutique

Tulsa (The Boxyard)

502 E. 3rd St., Unit 13
Tulsa (The Boxyard)

A glass case filled with truffles. An explosion of bright, happy, welcoming color. More sweet treats than your eye can take in all at once. Jars, tins, boxes, and bags full of goodness. Beautifully decorated macarons displayed under a glass dome. Giant, colorful lollipops dangling on ribbons from the ceiling. A friendly helper behind the counter, smiling back at you. All packed neatly inside one of The Boxyard’s shipping containers. Welcome to Sweet Boutique. Sweet Boutique is a great choice for a gift for your special someone, treats for your staff, table favors for a fancy party, or for yourself. You can select a tin or a box and custom-pack a gift.

December 2019

Candy Crush

Sweet tooth got you distracted and in need of a fix? There’s a perfect place to feed that craving — Sweet Boutique, a boutique mom-and-pop candy and chocolate shop at The Boxyard in downtown Tulsa.

Sweet Boutique is the magical creation of the Malik family — husband and wife Naved and Nisa, in partnership with sons, Shaan and Azeem. The Maliks also own the popular Nut Hut kiosk in the Tulsa Promenade, which also features chocolate and has been a go-to spot among Tulsans for many years. But their space at The Boxyard takes that sweet theme to a higher level, with so many creative concoctions that children and adults can’t resist.

The Boxyard shop has been open for nearly three years, a testament to the Malik family’s love for all things downtown. “All this stuff is going on in downtown,” says Nisa, who is excited to see downtown Tulsa on the upswing. “We loved the concept of The Boxyard, the shipping containers. We thought it was so cool, and we love the people around here. It’s got such a nice vibe to it. We wanted something different and unique.”

“Also, I love chocolate,” adds Shaan. “So, we figured, why not?”

Sweet Boutique caters to the sense of wonder and excitement every kid has when seeing a spread of so many candy options to choose from. (Photo: Sarah Eliza Roberts)
Sweet Boutique caters to the sense of wonder and excitement every kid has when seeing a spread of so many candy options to choose from. (Photo: Sarah Eliza Roberts)

Why not, indeed. Sweet Boutique is an explosion of colors and flavors, both in the decorations that hang on the walls and in the glass cases where a host of tasty goodies sit waiting for you to explore them. The shop is warm and inviting, with eclectic music playing and service with a smile, a mix of modern and old-fashioned styles that are hard to beat. This shop caters to the sense of wonder and excitement every kid has when seeing a spread of so many candy options to choose from.

“We’re known for our chocolate-covered nuts and also roasted nuts. And our Bavarian nuts,” says Nisa. It’s one of their bestselling items because people crave it so much. But really, you’ll fall hard for just about everything in this wonderful store.

Whatever your preference, Sweet Boutique undoubtedly has it. Like sour flavors? Give the cherry sours, Sour Patch Kids, and sour gummy worms a look-see. Fans of coffee will adore the chocolate-covered espresso beans, a top seller in the store. Are you feeling nutty? In addition to the Bavarian almonds, cashews, and pecans, try the almond bark, peanut clusters, and mixed nuts. Like fruity flavors? Then chocolate raisins await you, as do fruit slices. Don’t overlook the chocolate-covered toffee or their selection of fudges either.

Fans of the concept, “bigger is better,” will not be disappointed. The enormous chocolate malted balls, the oversized peanut butter cups, the monster-sized jawbreakers — all will tempt you in. The gummies will make your children’s eyes pop. Picture raspberries, blackberries, traditional gummy bears, chocolate-covered gummy bears, peach rings, and gummy worms. There are even gummy snakes — candy that is so long, your children will be begging you to buy some.

Whatever your preference, Sweet Boutique undoubtedly has it. (Photo: Sarah Eliza Roberts)
Whatever your preference, Sweet Boutique undoubtedly has it. (Photo: Sarah Eliza Roberts)

For fans of macarons, the light and chewy French confection that has been all the rage in recent years, Sweet Boutique is a must. They get their macarons from famous chef Florian Bellanger, who has been a judge on the competition baking show Cupcake Wars. And the store does snow cones, especially welcome in warmer months.

At the holidays, Sweet Boutique is an ideal place to purchase gifts for those special people in your life, from old-fashioned, classic, nostalgic boxes ideal for nesting a few tasty truffles, to sizable attractive tins that you can build into a perfectly customized selection.

“It’s all the same weight, so people can come in and mix and match whatever they like,” says Shaan. “You can have gummy bears mixed with nuts. I feel like it’s more personal if you make it your own and mix what they like. It’s better than getting something prepackaged.”

The store will also have gingerbread houses for Christmas. And with Valentine’s Day close for those romantics savvy enough to start planning, don’t forget that Sweet Boutique can deliver a mix of chocolate-covered strawberries and truffles rich and tempting enough that even Cupid would throw up his hands and surrender.

And for those in need of sugar-free choices, the Malik family hasn’t forgotten about you. They curate their sugar-free candies carefully to ensure they satisfy that dietary need as well as tasting delicious. “It tastes so good, you really can’t tell the difference,” says Nisa. The truffles are kosher if you’re shopping for a Hanukkah gift.

And if you have questions or a special request, call the store or stop in to ask, because the Maliks want to cater to their customers. “We’ll search for it,” says Shaan.

“We’re known for that,” says Nisa. “That’s our specialty anyway, hard to find items. If people can’t find something, we’ll find it for them.”

Sweet Boutique has even done mixes of candies for wedding treats and catered events. They can pull together a specialty mix for whatever you need, whether it’s individual gifts for your bridal party, takeaways from kids’ birthdays, and even business gifts.

With The Boxyard shop doing so well and sparking so many creative ideas, the Maliks are looking to expand into other locations around town as opportunities permit. Stay tuned for more on that front. Your sweet tooth will thank you.

Sweet Boutique
The Boxyard | 502 E. 3rd Ave. | Tulsa
Monday-Thursday: 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Friday-Saturday: 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
Sunday: Noon-5 p.m.


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