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377 E. Main St.

Your significant other loves chocolate, but it’s got to be in a cupcake or a cookie — what to do? Simple. Visit Cookiedoodle. They’re in Jenks on Main and they’re addictive, those moist and fluffy cupcakes. And their gorgeously baked gourmet cookies melt on the tongue in the most delightful way. This place serves up custom cookies made from a carefully crafted shortbread recipe, dipped in almond glaze and topped with scratch-made buttercream icing. The cookies look beautiful, and they taste amazing. Cookiedoodle doesn’t stop at cookies. They also serve up soft, tasty cupcakes as well as a dozen flavors of cake balls. For the holidays and other special events, they make custom cookie boxes, baskets and platters. And their fondant is homemade from marshmallows, so that it’s tastier than the traditional fondant used by many big bakeries.

February 2016

Bite Into Goodness

In a world that has become increasingly interested in ornately decorated delectables, it is no wonder that boutique and specialty bakeries have become hugely popular. Cookiedoodle is one such specialty bakery, emphasis on the special.

As the name suggests, Cookiedoodle’s history was built on the soft, sweet foundation of shortbread cookies that are of course decorated in adorable detail. Owner, Bernadette Feickert, began baking cookies at her restaurant in Muskogee. “People like to hear the story about starting off in the kitchen at home, but I always had a commercial kitchen,” Feickert says. Having a number of years as a pastry chef under her belt, it would seem that Feickert was almost fated to make Cookiedoodle happen.

What started off as a kind of pet project quickly turned into a legitimate business venture. As Feickert and her spin on the classic decorated cookie became renowned in the Jenks area, she decided it was time to set up shop. Or rather a new shop that was more accessible to her ever-increasing Tulsa clientele.

One of the main reasons Feickert’s cookies received such acclaim is the unique recipe used. Rather than having a hard sugar dough with royal frosting that hardens completely, Feickert and her team use an almond glaze and finish their special recipe with buttercream frosting for soft and delicious iced shortbread cookies. These yummy cookies end up with a more cake-like texture that is not very common when it comes to decorated cookies.

To help keep sales at a more consistent level during the slower summer months, Feickert added gelato to the menu. The various flavors of the cool, sweet treat was a hit during the more sweltering months. The surprising amount of foot traffic made it an especially smart addition.

Also joining the cookie lineup is the vast selection of the oh-so-amazing gourmet cookies. Their unique names and flavors will pique your interest, their artful look will make your mouth water, and each of their individual sweet flavors will leave you wanting more. Because, when you hear about a French toast, pecan pie or molten lava cookie, how can you possibly resist?

With a very capable staff keeping their eyes and ears open to what’s trending in the culinary world, you are more than likely to run into some new and delicious flavors. You can also find a good assortment of cupcakes and cake balls gracing those glass shelves that are every bit as scrumptious as they are aesthetically pleasing. Such time-honored favorites as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla can be found. They are also joined by some more modern favorites as well, such as red velvet and birthday cake, just to name a couple. Each cupcake is a miniature monument to the best of baking and is iced and garnished accordingly, whether it be with sprinkles or miniature Oreos.

And though they are not regularly kept in store, Cookiedoodle has also perfected the baking and decorating of cakes. These beauties can be decorated more or less however your heart or sweet tooth desires, ranging from whimsical to bridal — and everything in between — but always ending as a true work of edible art.


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