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Wow Before the Vow

A lot of pressure can accompany wedding dress shopping. Bryde is ready to assist in finding you a dress that compliments your personality and style.

Lindsay Morris
Sarah Eliza Roberts
July 28, 2019

For brides-to-be in Tulsa, it’s been a well-known fact over the years that if you wanted an extraordinary boutique wedding dress shopping experience, you would usually have to travel to Dallas or another big city to get it.

Megan Redmond and Carley Johnson are out to mix things up by opening a unique bridal boutique in the Kendall Whittier District called Bryde. The “y” in Bryde stands for “you” — because they genuinely want to make the shopping experience all about the bride.

Bryde is the story of two 20-something female entrepreneurs. Both young ladies are from Tulsa. These energetic, intelligent young ladies met through the two boutiques they owned in The Boxyard. Redmond had Beau & Arrow, and Johnson still owns Modern Mess.

They quickly learned that retail ownership tends to be a competitive realm.

It’s an every-woman-for-herself mentality,” Johnson says. “It’s one that warns to be careful what you share, don’t be too nice, and never refer a customer to another boutique even if you can’t meet a need.”

Instead of competing against each other, these gals opted to join forces. They chose to throw away the competitive expectations of entrepreneurship.

“What would happen if we decided to throw away this social stigma and encouraged each other as women in business?,”  Redmond says.

Over the years, Redmond and Johnson have excitedly watched the local wedding industry flourish as the city has grown. Tulsa is home to some of the region’s most popular venues, photographers and florists. However, they noticed that Tulsa did not yet have an upscale, stylish bridal shop.

The concept for Bryde began two years ago when Redmond and Johnson held a photo shoot for women to dress up and have their pictures taken at The Boxyard. They started talking about how a bridal boutique was lacking in Tulsa. They sat on the idea for two years until the perfect space popped up.

Megan Redmond and Carley Johnson. (Photo: Sarah Eliza Roberts)
Megan Redmond and Carley Johnson. (Photo: Sarah Eliza Roberts)

About the same time, Redmond knew her time had come to close Beau & Arrow. The gals noticed their landlord posted a picture of space available in the Kendall Whittier District. They knew it was destiny.

“It was a spur-of-the-moment thing,” Redmond says.

Bryde will open late this summer and will be open by appointment only. “You get the entire store all to yourself,” Johnson says. “It’s a journey to find the dress.”

Bryde appeals to differing tastes and offers nontraditional gowns that could be described as Bohemian, glamorous, indie, or minimal. All dresses will be made-to-measure, with lines coming from South Africa and Israel, and of course some from the U.S. “They are lines we’ve followed over the years that have a beautiful aesthetic,” Redmond says.

The whole culture of weddings has evolved in the last decade, and now everything is expected to be an experience. For example, instead of just a bachelorette party, many brides opt for a bachelorette weekend getaway. In tune with the experience philosophy, Bryde will aim to provide a wedding dress shopping experience.

Coming from the boutique world, Johnson and Redmond know what it’s like to offer exceptional service. They’ve seen what bridal boutiques in bigger cities can do, and they plan to provide the same sort of service.

“We want to keep it in Tulsa,” Johnson says. “We want brides to have an option right here rather than having to travel to get what they want.”

“Tulsa is a large enough city to support this type of concept,” Redmond says.

The two young ladies have different styles, which have been reflected in the type of clothing they’ve offered at Beau & Arrow and Modern Mess over the years. Sometimes Johnson would notice a customer’s style and send her to Beau & Arrow, and Redmond would do the same for Johnson.

Now they will be able to combine those varying styles into unique offerings at Bryde to try to meet every type of bride’s style. “We met in the middle and curated a collection to appeal to everyone’s style,” Johnson says.

Redmond and Johnson have been overwhelmed by the support their shop has garnered. “Our support was overwhelming from the start,” Johnson says. “We’ve had over 200 people in the Tulsa wedding industry reach out about collaborating.”

With the store expected to open in late August or early September, Johnson and Redmond are excited about what they will be able to offer the brides-to-be of Tulsa and the surrounding areas.

“Together we’ve embraced community over competition, joined forces, and now we’re working together to blow your mind with the most unforgettable experience at Bryde that will make you say, ‘Heck yes!’ to the dress of your dreams,” Johnson says.

2409 E. Admiral Blvd. | Tulsa
Open by appointment