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Would you rather text, email or talk on the phone to communicate and why?

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Preview Staff
August 30, 2017

Mac: I prefer to use email, mainly because my mind is trapped in 1998. I also like to be able to search my previous communiques if I need to. Not for nothing, I also like to be able to delay my response to anything by saying, "Oh, I haven't checked my email today."

Noel: It depends. Text for most communication because mundane communication doesn't require tone and tempo. Most of our daily communication is mundane. However, for romantic communication, I’d use a phone. Tone and tempo is everything in romantic communication.

Bernadette: Hands down texting is my go-to option. It helps me manage my time and doesn't get lost in the email spam. 

Andrea: Texting is the perfect form of communication for hardcore introverts.

Sara: I’d rather talk on the phone because you can get a better sense of how that person is doing and have a more in-depth conversation.

Tina: Text. This way if I'm busy, I can still quickly read the message and respond, even if it's just, "I can't talk right now. I'll call you in an hour." This way, no one thinks I'm ignoring them. If it's someone I've never met, I like to talk on the phone. Email is my least favorite but I still use it.

Kacey: Although texting is more convenient at times, I would prefer to talk. Emotions, true meaning and intimacy are often lost through text.

Mandy: Text, because it’s fast and I don’t have to stop what I’m doing. However, I really prefer face to face.

April: Text, if it's a quick question. Otherwise I like to talk because you can hear their tone, mood, emotion through actual conversation.

Adrean: Text. I don't know how to end conversations, and talking is awkward and hard.

Jacki: I prefer a phone call. It’s more personal and I get to say everything I want to say, unlike text or email.

Isabel: I prefer to send audio messages. The person I am talking to can hear my voice, and we can both respond at our earliest convenience.

Jaycee: Texting or email because it gives me time to think about what I want to say rather than dealing with the anxiety of an immediate response.

Jace: Depends on who it is. If it's work-related I prefer to email. But In most other instances I prefer to text.

CJ: Texting, because it can be more easily done while multitasking.

Deann: Honestly, it depends on what the situation is for me. Texting is quick and easy, but you can easily be misconstrued. I'm on the phone all day at work, so I don't usually like talking on the phone when I'm away from the office. Lately, texting has just been better since I seem to always be on the go. I rarely use email to communicate.

Kelly: Talking on the phone. It seems more personal and allows you to have a full conversation all at once without having to guess someone's tone of voice over text.

Jake: It really depends on the relationship. For people I have a close relationship with, I want to hear their voice. Words are incomplete without the inflection and tone of someone's voice. For friends and acquaintances, texting is suitable. Email just seems to get people in trouble.

Jay: I use all three types of communication depending on the situation, but I prefer phone and text.

Katie: I would rather text. It is fast, convenient, I can multitask at the same time, and I think it also gives a sense of control.

Lisa: Actually, I prefer the Voxer app. It allows me to verbally communicate a message, text, and share pics at my convenience.