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Would you rather be rich or famous?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
February 28, 2020

Joe: I want to be rich. You can do more with money if it's used to make society a better place.

Tabitha: Most definitely famous. People who are famous for even the stupidest reasons can still get rich.

Susan: Rich. I prefer to stay under the radar.

Linda: Rich so that I could help out my family financially.

Connor: Rich. I can buy fame.

Jenna: Rich. Fame seems awful. I enjoy my privacy.

Spencer: I would rather be rich than famous. It seems that fame would limit your privacy, but having wealth would increase freedom, security, and peace of mind.

Randy: I would choose famously rich or richly famous. Or a mix between the two.

Maria: Being rich would give me plenty of money as a tool for solutions.

Melvin: I’d rather be rich.

Katelyn: I’d love to be an actress.

Benny: Famous, of course. I don’t need money because my mom and dad buy me everything I need.

Tasha: It depends. Am I famous for curing cancer or saving people from starvation, or famous for holding a convenience store at gunpoint and getting caught? I’d pick famous if and only if it was because of something good.

Terrie: I’d rather be rich. I’m insecure in the way I see myself, so if money weren’t an issue, I would fix my “imperfections” to be more confident. Also, I would like to use my wealth to spread joy to others.