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With your house in danger, what would you try to save?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
February 12, 2017

Blake: My drums and my baby.

Stephanie: I would grab my two children ... the four-legged type!

Kam: My family and my safe.

Sarah: My birth certificate and all my animals.

Sandra: All of my photographs. You can’t replace those.

Maddie: I would grab my baby girl, Hadley, and bolt to the nearest exit.

Regina: Been there, done that when I was evacuated for Hurricane Sandy. I only had one car to fill and two hours to get out. At first I took valuable papers, some clothes and shoes, family photos and such. But then I started taking other crazy little sentimental things of little or no monetary value. Luckily my house survived. That truly was a life-altering moment for me.

Sophie: I’d get Doggy. I'd rely on hubs to be smart enough to get himself out. Probably laptop too if it was on the way. And if I have time, a few teddies. These can easily be chucked out a window that they are conveniently next to.

Brandy: First would be my son if he were still in there. I hope my fiancé is smart enough to get himself out. Would also get my memory box with stuff I’ve saved for the last 12 years. I'm not very materialistic.

Rachel: Assuming my fiancé and my dog are safe, I’d save my computer, journals and taxidermy collection.

Lola: I would save my family photos. The joy that comes with reliving those memories is priceless.