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Which current musician(s) will stand the test of time?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
March 30, 2017

Tom: Jack White and various group iterations of his. His raw sound has the respect of a rock purist fan base, and the riffs he weaves in provide earworms across multiple fan bases. Try going to a football game and not hearing “Seven Nation Army.” As an artist (even when producing for others), he tries to strip the sound to its best elements. It’s a timeless approach, and I think the result will be just as enjoyable in 20 years as it is now. 

Kristee: Taylor Swift. Her pop songs will be on rotation for eternity. They are the bubble-gummy Madonna-in-the-‘80s style songs that have soaked into the collective unconscious of an entire generation. 

Abigail: Adele or Beyoncé.

Kenzi: Florence and the Machine. Florence Welch has such a unique voice and is so immensely talented. Listening to how different each one of her albums sounds — from Lungs to Ceremonials to How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful — you really see her adaptability.

Terah: Bruno Mars. He’s the next generation Prince.

Sarah G.: That’s a tough one. Right off the top of my head? I don’t know about standing the test of time, but Ryan Adams has been around for a while and just came out with a new album that I can’t seem to stop listening to.

Adrean: Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Lin-Manuel Miranda. They’ve already proven to be more than one-hit wonders, versatile, and socially savvy. They’ve not only made their names known in the music world, but also actively participated in social change.

Jack: Lady Gaga. Her music is very intricate and designed to be evocative.

Jason: I’m hoping it’s Norah Jones.

Charity: Colony House. They have a timeless sound and are very original. They are coming to Tulsa in April.

Sarah M.: The Black Keys. They’ve got a classic sound and are popular enough that future generations are likely to come across their records. Plus, I really don’t want our generation to be defined by Fetty Wap.

Ashton: Twenty Øne Pilots. They will continue to write lyrics that are meaningful and they are true to themselves. People will always be able to relate to the lyrics. Plus, they don’t write stereotypical songs.

Chuck: Bruno Mars or Maroon 5.