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Where would you like to travel?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
April 28, 2019

Bethany: Ireland. I’d like to see some of the old-world architecture.

Jim: Mars.

Jared: Singapore is high on my list. Trying to get there this year as time allows.

Marty: England, to race in the London Marathon.

Janelle: England, Japan, and Australia.

Kathy: The Galápagos Islands have been on my bucket list for quite a few years. I have promised myself that I will get there.

Lauren: Amalfi Coast.

Jessica: I want to visit Eckberg, Steiermark, Austria to see my second sister.

Corbin: I would love to travel to New Zealand and recreate Frodo’s epic journey across Middle-earth.

David: I want to visit parts of Europe where my ancestors come from, like Slovakia and Poland. I’ve always been interested in seeing that part of the world.

Elin: Italy. I just went, but I want to go back. The hiking at Cinque Terre, the food, the wine; it has it all.

Brooke: The United Kingdom, especially the Scottish Highlands and the southern coast of England. Also Peru. Everywhere, basically.

Kimberly: Niagara Falls and take the boat excursion. I love water and boating. I’m also desperate to visit Canada.

Michael: I’ve always wanted to go to Israel and walk where Jesus walked.

James: I want to go to Japan and taste authentic food.

Queenie: I want to travel outside, but my parents say it’s a scary world out there.

Renee: Do I have to go to another country? I kind of like the one I live in. I want to go to a reasonably significant writers’ conference near the East Coast and another one near the West Coast. It would be nice to go back to the Black Mesa in the Oklahoma panhandle. Ground trips for all of them. I love the changing scenery and visiting the people along the way.

Ada: I want to go to Pluto. We need to get a battery and build a rocket ship. It would need to be a big battery because it’s far away. And then we’ll fly there. But we have to pack a lot of sweaters. It’s cold on Pluto.

Wayne: I would love to go to Israel and have the experience witnessing where Jesus once lived and performed many miracles.