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What's your pet's name, and how did you choose it?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
May 28, 2019

Sharon: When we decided to keep the wolf dog we rescued, we kept thinking of wintery names because she came to us a week before Christmas. She would not respond to anything until we said “Sandy,” at which point her floppy ears pointed straight up, and she made a weird noise and did a dance. She looked like an arctic wolf straight up but had floppy ears and gold-brown fur and black ticking on her ears, tail, and scruff. She got less wolf looking as she got older but not any less adventurous or ornery. She was amazing with kids and animals, and she even let my mom’s chickens hitch rides on her back. She was my best friend for almost 14 years before cancer took her. She was one month away from turning 15. –

Jodi: Our 8-month-old German shepherd is highly intelligent. He is a thief who steals for the thrill of it and enjoys the chase. He talks in a distinct tone. I don’t mean barking but sounds with strange pauses. Of course, the only name fitting a German shepherd with his skills was Hans Gruber (from Die Hard).

Stephanie: Roxie is super sweet, and has a quirky attitude, not to mention the cutest wiggle-butt when she’s excited. So, thinking she has a lot of moxie, I came up with Roxie. My other is Sophie. She is so small and fluffy. This little furball needed a name that suited her small size and fluffiness.

Jolyse: When we adopted our rescue kitten, I chose the name Maggie May O’Hemingway. She is a true polydactyly, with extra toes on all four of her cute, furry feet. Since we are fans of the famous cats in residence at Hemingway House in Key West, Florida, we wanted to honor that connection.

Kathy: We had planned to adopt a little white beagle with brown ears. Her name was going to be Princess Leia. That adoption didn’t work out. Later we adopted a Yorkshire terrier, and because we loved the name, she is Princess Leia. Then we rescued another Yorkie; he had to be Luke Skywalker.

Roxanne: I named him Styx for the River Styx in Greek mythology and because it was pronounced like “sticks,” which was cute for a little brown puppy. He was a pit bull, so I wanted it to be strong like him. It also went well with our other dog, also a pit bull, Kittie.

Tiffany and Tyler: We named our girl Lumos, which is the incantation for the charm that brings light in the Harry Potter novels. We rescued her from Tulsa Animal Welfare, bringing light to her life, just as she equally brings us light and happiness now.

Lollie: Hemingway because he has polydactyly with 26 toes. Jig also has polydactyly and was named for a character in my favorite Ernest Hemingway story, Hills like White Elephants.

Sarah and Brian: Our dog’s name is Jango, after the character Jango Fett (bounty hunter Boba Fett’s father) from Star Wars: Episode II —Attack of the Clones.

Maddy: We have a cat named Pumpkin. My grandson called her that because she came to us on Thanksgiving evening and she’s the color of a pumpkin.

Erin: Skid because when I got him off the streets, he had a big tire skid across his face where he had been hit.

Allison: His name is Snax because his DNA is like Chex Mix; a little bit of everything.

Molly: Our pet’s name is Lucy Lou Who the Great Pyrenees. She’s a gift from Santa.

Millie: Regina. She’s named after the evil queen on Once Upon a Time.

Dolores: Yogi. He looked like a tiny bear, so the name fits perfectly.

Ashley: Walley. He was found in a shopping cart at Walgreens.