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What’s your favorite way to spend a snow day?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
November 28, 2019

Elizabeth: Curled up under blankets on the couch reading a good book, and watching the snow fall.

Luke: I wouldn’t know. I’m 3, and there hasn’t been an actual snow day in my lifetime.

Olivia: Curled up with a blanket, a fire, hot chocolate, and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Amy: If it’s the fat, heavy flakes, I love to get an umbrella and walk down a quiet street. The crunch of my boots in the snow and the soft sound of flakes on the umbrella are zen-like.

Poe the Bookstore Cat: Sitting on a warm laptop keyboard, getting petted, and meowing when humans look away from me for too long.

Angela: Building a snowman with family, board games, making hot cocoa, and snuggling under the blankets.

Devin: Sleep in as late as I want, then go out and enjoy the snow.

Kellie: A fireplace and a good book.

Tiffany: I make homemade cookies.

Nathan: If I were in Colorado, I’d hit the slopes. But since I’m in Oklahoma, it’s nice to spend the day with the family watching TV or Netflix.

Jordan: The best way to spend a snow day is sitting beside a fireplace, drinking hot chocolate, and watching movies with loved ones.

Molly: We’d bundle up, go sledding across the street, and make snow everything.

Bella: A perfect snow day would be hanging out with family while making a family of snowmen.

Joseph: Watch the snow fall, make some pancakes and bacon, watch movies, and enjoy some hot cocoa and popcorn.

Shelly: Homemade chicken soup on the stove, bread baking, fire in the fireplace, and snuggled up with a good book and my favorite dogs and humans.

Nikkie: Making a snow angel and sledding. I also like to take the fresh snow and pack it into a glass, then pour soda on top. After being outside, I enjoy coming in for a glass of cocoa by the fire and watching Hallmark movies and playing cards.