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What’s your dream vacation?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
May 28, 2018

Lane: To go to Ireland.

David: I’d go to the International Space Station.

Zach: A never-ending one.

Joe: Storm chasing.

Kay: I would like an extended trip throughout Texas and Colorado, seeing friends and family and visiting places that are close to my 82-year-old heart.

Brooke: Top of my list is to visit the Galapagos Islands.

Blair: My dream vacation would be spur of the moment — just drop everything, buy a one-way ticket to Europe, and go. I wouldn’t take anything with me so I could buy all new goodies when I get there. My mantra would be “treat yourself” and I would come home when I feel rested and ready. That would be the dream.

Carla: Sitting on the beach in Hawaii for about two weeks with no phone connection.

Z: Egypt. I have a great grandmother from there and have always been fascinated with the architecture..

Sarah: I would go to Ireland, Airbnb a little house somewhere, and try to pretend I was a local for a month. I would shut off my phone, and just drink in the quiet and fresh air.

Chris: I would love to get an RV and just drive across the country. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon. That would be one stop among so many others.

Jean-Paul: I’ve always wanted to go to Israel, especially Jerusalem.