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What would you wait in line for?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
December 30, 2017

Angela: Edna Mae’s Pancakes at The Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile in Pawhuska.

Summer: Coffee and chocolate.

Paula: I would gladly wait in line to see a children’s performance. Stuff like singing, dancing and acting melts my heart.

Bryan: New Star Wars, meeting Michael Connelly, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford or Jesus Christ, and after that, not much.

Ramon: After the buffet of subpar “super films,” besides seeing my own comics (Lion Forge) on the big screen, I would only wait in line for a legit Netflix/MCU crossover.

Eric: I waited in line four hours to see U2 with my mom.

Grace: It has to be something I like. I wouldn’t for games or anything but maybe for a TV. Maybe. I’ve waited in line to meet famous people.

Jamie: I don’t think there’s anything I’m going to wait in a long line for. You see all those lines on Black Friday. Not a chance.

Joanna: I would stand in line for pizza, tacos and free alcohol. And concert tickets!

Rick: I’d wait in line to board an international flight to Europe.

Frank: The keys to the Kingdom.

Sara: A picture with Jon Bon Jovi.

Phill: Anything cool from Star Wars.

Evan: I would wait in a long line for Lone Wolf Banh Mi, Lassalle’s, Burn Co. Barbecue and Hurts Donut.

Gary: If we could go back and do away with multiple presales and internet sales, or at least delay them a day, I’d go back to waiting in line for concert tickets in a heartbeat.

Malea: I would gladly wait in line for the Evanescence Synthesis tickets.

Donna: I would wait in line to see Santa Claus. To watch the excitement and joy come across my granddaughter’s face as it comes her turn to sit on his lap is priceless.

Ashley: The Toy Story ride at Disney. Waited in line several times for it and Space Mountain.