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What was the dumbest lie you've told?

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Preview Staff
July 28, 2019

Lindsay: For four years during college, a friend and I convinced a guy for no reason that we were sisters. I’m still not sure what the point was.

Sierra: I told a little girl who was obsessed with mermaids that I was one and I could turn myself back into a mermaid whenever I wanted.

Shayna: In high school I lied about being highly allergic to wasps so I wouldn’t have to go outside and play volleyball.

Herman: I used to lie about being a good fisherman until I had to take the Boy Scouts troop out. I couldn’t catch a thing.

Chris: When I was 11, for some reason, I decided it was a good idea to etch my name into the glove box door of my dad’s car with a screwdriver. When he saw it and asked why I did it, I tried to say it wasn’t me, that my older brother did it. But it was my name. Why would my brother scratch my name into the car? My dad didn’t buy it and I got in even more trouble for trying to lie about it.

Xenia: In high school I had a crush on a teacher’s aide and told him I’d been to a Bob Dylan concert when I hadn’t. I just said it to impress him.

Amy: This one is embarrassing. We had sex ed class in the fourth grade and I told all the girls I had already gotten my period.

Blake: I once told a girl I was a Navy pilot, and her dad was one. Not good.

Summer: When I was little, I told everyone in my dance class Britney Spears was picking me up that day. Everyone crowded around outside to see her, but of course, it was just my mom who picked me up.

Donna: I lied to my parents for years about smoking. Now that I’m a non-smoker and I know how strong smoking makes everything from your clothes to your hair smell, I realize just how dumb that lie was. They just must have gotten tired of arguing with me about it and let me think they believed me.

Dave: I lie about being a D1 athlete when I’m a church-role player.