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What makes you paranoid?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
June 28, 2019

Angela: Ever since a goose flew into my windshield, it’s been birds.

Wayne: Snakes and police. If I see a snake on television or social media, it’s hard for me to not think about it at night. When the police get behind me, even if I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m scared they are going to find a reason to pull me over and give me a ticket.

Nasiba: Speaking Russian in public. Since President Donald Trump’s election, I have been super paranoid of people who may mistake it for some Middle Eastern tongue and try to hurt me.

Wendy: Deer season and the prospect of another one jumping in front of my vehicle and totaling it.

Kathleen: The only thing that ever gives me anxiety and makes me paranoid is when people say, “We need to talk,” but refuse to tell me a topic or why.

John: Waking up. Every dawn is fraught with danger. But then, that’s what makes each day interesting. What’s life without a little paranoia?

Travis: Walking through a spiderweb.

Judi: Spiders and snakes.

Sarah: I have an active imagination and sometimes it gets the best of me. My dreams are vivid and my head is often in the clouds. If I’m not careful, my ideas can wander all over the place.

Millli: Snakes.

Tyler: Mannequins. Some are too realistic.

Zachery: Every time it rains, I’m worried it’s going to be a life-threatening storm.

Kelsi: Snakes. I’m terrified and paranoid about snakes, whether it’s at the lake, floating the river, walking through the yard or walking under a tree. If it’s dark and I’m outside, I have a flashlight with me.

Andrew: I get paranoid if someone accuses me of something I didn’t do. It generates other thoughts of self-doubt and makes me nervous to think who else might be doing the same.

Krystal: I’m paranoid about people around my children. They’ve been pretty sheltered because I originally came from a small town.

Cassidy: The only time I feel paranoid is when someone is saying things that aren’t true behind my back, and they don’t give me a chance to address the issue face to face.

LaTonya: I watch a lot of true crime shows, and I was raised to be cautious. So I get paranoid over a lot of different things. And a lot of times, my brain takes off with it.