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What is the best advice for a great summer cookout?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
April 30, 2017

Cathy: Mow the grass the day before. Mowing the grass the day of the event kicks up dust, pests and other allergens.

Maranda: A great summer cookout consists of amazing barbecue and some even better friends to share it with, talking and jumbling around with music in the background reminiscing about good memories and sharing stories about life. The most vital part of an amazing cookout is with whom you share your joy and happiness.

Sarah: Have plenty of seating and don’t try too hard.

Shaun: Brine all meats before grilling and follow food safety rules.

Helen: Have someone else do the cooking and me eat it.

Jake: It’s all about being in good company.

Brett: I think the best advice for a great summer cookout is having great company. But don’t forget the drinks, food and good music!

Miranda: My advice for a great summer cookout involves family, friends, bonfire next to the lake, lots of different food, dessert, fruit, s’mores and fun games for everyone to play.

Geno: Can’t go wrong with half-inch cut of sirloin fajitas with a mango habanero sauce.

Taylor: Ingredients for a killer cookout include good friends, barbecue — not just hot dogs and hamburgers, be original — and good beer or whiskey. And a killer iTunes playlist.

Joe: Hopefully you have people at your cookout. If not , that would be bad.

Kimberly: A perfect cookout is made up of BYOB and lots (and lots) of meat. If everyone brings their favorite drinks and I hit up Perry’s Food Store for a little bit of everything, everyone will be happy.

Clay: Bacon-wrapped hot dogs with a spicy pickle relish.

Eli: Always make your burgers, never buy pre-made burgers. Have some cold beer on ice and maybe some hard lemonade for those who like to drink, sweet tea and Dr Pepper for those who don’t. Have some good music and always have a nice assortment of tasty snacks.