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What are your tips for enjoying the holiday season?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
November 28, 2018

Ty: Don’t participate in Black Friday. Don’t procrastinate on shopping. Order as much as you can online. If you have seven Christmases to go to like us every year, then do no more than two a day.

Christopher: Avoid talking about politics with family members. Everyone already is pretty much locked into their positions. You’re not going to change minds, and all it will do is create a lot of negative vibes.

Amy: Listen to holiday music throughout the day. Don’t be overwhelmed by what must be done. Just focus on each minute and what the season is really about.

Alexa: Start shopping early. Or at least making a list of ideas for people, so I don’t get overwhelmed and too stressed about finding the perfect gift at the last minute.

Leah: The last few years, when I’ve noticed my stress increasing, I’ve given myself permission to just erase a few things off my to-do list.

Cinamon: I try to remember and reflect on what the holiday is for — being grateful for what we have, our family, and our faith. You can get so caught up on the holidays that you forget that.

Kona: Don’t worry about the presents; just make lots of good food. And make sure to share it with the four-legged members of your family.

Victoria: I think it’s important to simplify things by prioritizing goals for each task. Also, embrace traditions but don’t be afraid to start new ones with family and friends.

Maryjo: My best Christmas morning was the year I had brunch at my house with about eight friends. Four of them had nowhere to go to celebrate; they were planning to work all day.

Taylor: Patience, alcohol, and those you love. Not necessarily in that order.

Craig: I start by putting up a tree and decorating the house.

Jonathan: A Christmas Story marathon and milk stouts.

Whitney: I put gas in my car, and I drive home. My mom does all the preparing.

Melissa: I think it’s important to simplify. Take a deep breath and enjoy.

Albert: Margaritas.