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What a Grind

With coffee cafes as numerous in certain neighborhoods as bars (and offering different vibes and levels of expertise) it can be a task to figure out where to get your next caffeine fix.

Lindsey Mills
December 28, 2018

For 21 years I didn’t drink coffee. I couldn’t stand it. Even those super-sweet-almost-a-milkshake concoctions from local coffee houses and big names like Starbucks, I absolutely could not handle. I know, gasp. In my final year of college, however, I gave it a real shot. I started with iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts and worked into more serious drinks like regular coffee and lattes.

Now, I drink at least one, sometimes two — three when I’m desperate — cups of coffee a day.

When I wake up, I think, “Mmm coffee.”

I’m sure I can’t be the only one who started drinking coffee later in the game. What got you drinking the energy packed bitter-goodness? Was it the draw of caffeine to fuel your day, the marketing of delightful holiday drinks, or the lure of cozy coffee shops that drew you in? Perhaps it was all of the above.

I enjoy making a cup of coffee at home, snuggling on the couch to drink it, and taking in those moments as the caffeine does something magical to my body, my motivation, and my mindset. However, as much as I love homemade coffee, I really love ordering a fancy drink from a coffee shop, settling into a comfy corner to do some work, and seeing that lovely design they create in the foam.

It’s difficult for me to knock out projects and work on the computer from home. The atmosphere at a coffee shop gives me that boost I need. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m in a cute little movie, or maybe it’s because my bed isn’t around the corner calling my name. Whatever the case, a great coffee shop is something I place high on the list of priorities. Luckily for me, Tulsa has ample to offer. I just keep trying new ones. And returning to my favorites.

Cirque Coffee
1317 E. 6th St. | Tulsa
This spot deserves recognition for good coffee and a great set up. The bar is beautifully sculpted, and the wall is a work of art. The vibe of this place feels more modern than cozy, more social than workish. I went to write this article, but will return to hang out with friends.

Coffee House on Cherry Street
1502 E. 15th St. | Tulsa
I go for the coffee; I stay because I have to sit down and eat one of those magical desserts. CHOC, as some people call it, offers a variety of cookies, pies, and cakes that more than satisfy my sweet tooth. It’s difficult to choose from the beautiful cakes and pies, so if possible, take a friend so that you can sample theirs. CHOC also caters to gluten-free and vegan needs.

Foolish Things Coffee Company
1001 S. Main St. | Tulsa
I walked up to the counter, perused the coffee list, and asked for that day’s espresso with a flavor. I only thought I had become a real coffee drinker. “The day’s espresso” is referring to a single shot, as the man at the counter kindly explained. I ordered a latte, but resisted a cookie, and sat down at this modern, comfortable coffee spot.

DoubleShot Coffee Company
1730 S. Boston Ave. | Tulsa
This spot is perfect for coffee, grabbing a bite to eat, getting work done, or hanging out with friends. It’s hard to find that balance in atmosphere that is perfect for several occasions, but I can confidently suggest that DoubleShot is a great space to be, whether you’ve got your headphones on bent over your work, or you’re there to catch-up with an old friend.

Gathering Place
2650 S. John Williams Way | Tulsa
What’s incredible about this park is there really is something for everyone. Traditionally, parks are a place for leisure and play, but with a coffee shop and ample room to sit down for the day, The Lodge at the Gathering Place is the perfect place to settle in and read, work, or relax.

Shades of Brown Coffee and Art
3302 S. Peoria Ave. | Tulsa
Because I like my coffee sweet as opposed to black, I really appreciate when the menu has some creative spins on flavor. I’ve had something different each time I visit but am never disappointed. Up front there’s a cozy couch and evolving selection of used books, but in the back is the perfect space to get yourself in work mode.

We drank Topeca coffee at home for a while before we actually sought out the coffee shop itself. With more than one location downtown, you have the option for a great space to work (507 S. Boston Ave.) or eat and catch up with a friend (100 E. 2nd St.).

What do we do now? I want to hear your suggestions, whether you’re a native Tulsan or a newbie like us. We want to know where to hang out, pig-out, shop ’til we drop, and everything in between. If you know a place with a great story, share it with us so we can go check it out.

Every day is an adventure with our little family, and I’m sharing our story because I think some people can relate. Follow us on Instagram and/or search #TakenWithTulsa or #NewInTtown to check out our latest adventures as we seek out new experiences and share our advice on how to embrace Tulsa.