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Wet Weather Wear

Don't let spring showers rain on your fashion parade. Pretty can meet practical as you prepare to sizzle through the drizzle.

Ryann Gordon
February 15, 2017

The spring is upon us — meaning that many rainy days are ahead, looking to ruin our hair, clothes and shoes. Luckily for us Oklahomans, we don’t leave the house without checking the weather, so you should be more than prepared for those days when Mother Nature plans an afternoon shower to pour down on your ironed white blouse.

Life isn’t about surviving the storm; it’s about learning to dance in the rain. In order to do that though, you’re going to want to be prepared. Don’t get stuck in a storm without your oversized umbrella; draping waterproof trench coat; and protective, yet ever so stylish, rain boots. Take on any storm with these fashionable and functional rainy day accessories, and you’ll be singing in the rain like Gene Kelly in no time.

Shield Yourself 
The best way to block out the rain is with the honcho of all shields — the umbrella! Not only is an umbrella essentially the most functional of all rainy day accessories, but also it’s a fashion statement on its own. Play around with fun shapes and styles, like the clear bubble umbrellas that slope around you to perfectly protect you from the rain, or just keep it simple with a cute, compact umbrella you can slide in your purse.

Splash Around
Rain boots are a staple of springtime fashion, and they are essential for keeping your feet warm and dry on those extra wet days. Find favorite rain boot brands like Hunter at J. Cole Shoes and DSW, or opt for a rising trend — high heel Chelsea boots. Then, of course, there’s also the timeless duck boot-style; check out the Sorel collection at Gander Mountain, Sun & Ski, Bass Pro and Academy.

Protect the Goods
Don’t let a little rain ruin your day — or your phone and other electronics. Although keeping your hair and makeup protected is important, keeping your goods in your bag is just as, if not more, essential. Longchamp is one water-resistant bag brand that will withstand the rain and also make a great accessory for any outfit. But basically any other water-resistant canvas, vinyl or nylon material will keep your goodies safe from the rain.

Bundle Up
One trend we can be thankful for is the return of the trench coat. Protect just about any outfit with a full-length, duster-style trench coat that’ll keep you safe from the rain and looking like an image straight out of London Vogue. Ditch the traditional rain jacket or windbreaker for a naturally waterproof metallic puffer from The North Face or camo bomber jacket that just screams Yeezy.

Top It Off
Rather than carrying around an oversized umbrella everywhere you go, throw on a
 hat that will not only shield your head but also keep your frizzy, humidity-afflicted hair under control. Wear a traditional bucket or floppy hat that creates the umbrella effect while also looking fashionably chic. Or just throw on a baseball cap beneath a hood and you’ve got the same effect.

Wrap It Up
Scarves are a great tool for rainy days, because they are cute and also functional. Wrap a floral or other pretty patterned scarf over your head. Then, once you’re inside you can throw it over your shoulders or around your neck.