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The Eyes Have It

When choosing sunglasses, consider proportion and balance to help flatter your face while protecting your peepers.

Ryann Gordon
March 29, 2017

Ask some mothers and they’ll tell you that no one looks good in those oversized, Mary Kate and Ashley hobo glasses. Moms’ views are usually traditional, yes, but let’s just say they’re sometimes a little outdated.

Today’s women like to take chances. Many are ne with expressing themselves without shame
or uncertainty. And more often than not, they are certainly not above bending a few rules of fashion. Who’s to say your Tom Fords are too flashy for Oklahoma?

The science of sunglasses comes down to one thing primarily — face shape. And despite how much you felt like Yeezy in your heavy, matte-black shades, they may have made you look like a pinhead. And let’s just say the cat eyes would have looked better on someone whose jaw wasn’t chiseled similar to Hercules.

Consider today’s most popular eye-glass fashions (many of which were adopted from decades before ours) and choose a pair of fashion shades based on the quality of the glasses and how well they work with your face shape and size. Find the right pair, and you may end up passing them down to later generations one day.

Round faces must be carefully diagnosed when assessing your perfect frame shape. Many times, oversized
 or too-circular shaped sunglasses might accentuate the shape
 of your face. Aim for glasses that are simple and structured, like 
the wayfarer style popularized by Ray-Ban. Or embrace your inner Kardashian with flattop wayfarer/haymaker-style aviators that’ll transport you from Tulsa to LAX in no time.

Add an angular balance to your face with square-shaped lenses that mimic the work of contoured makeup; just don’t go with anything too oversized that makes your head appear smaller than it is. Go for lighter-colored lenses with thin frames to stay true to the oversized look without turning into a fly in the meantime.

If you fall in this category — good luck — because you’ve got the most styles to work with. Why is that unlucky? Because how are you going to choose just one pair when they all look so dang good on you?

Pull off trendy club master shapes with frames that reflect everything in their path; classic shapes like Tom Cruise’s sleek wayfarers or your grandpa’s old-school yellow-tinted aviators; and modern styles that might accentuate the sun in your eyes ... but man, they look good.

The only thing oval-face shapes should avoid is frames too 
far off from their 
facial features. For smaller features, stick to smaller lenses and avoid massive or thick frames that overpower your face. For larger features, stay away from those mini-John Lennon frames.

In order to balance out a sharp jawline, this type 
of face shape should 
seek out frames that are rounded or more circular in shape. Soften a strong, square jawline with dainty, curved glasses that complement your face in proportion. The larger your face is, the larger the circular frames.

Look for glasses that are either circular shaped
 or geometric, most
likely with a hexagon or octagon rim, or rounded at the bottom like aviators, club masters,
 or some oversized cat 
eye shapes. One shape perfect for square jawlines is Illesteva’s Leonard design; these chunky, colored frames combined with a remodeled, oversized
 cat eye shape will do wonders for those more defined jawlines out there. Oversized, rounded frames that extend past the widest point of your face will create the illusion that your face is more rounded itself.

The heart-shaped face is unique when pairing with sunglasses, because rather than opposing your natural facial structure, you’re going to want to accentuate it. Go for sunglass shapes that are similar to your face shape and wider at the top than the bottom; this will complement your face shape and accentuate your natural contour.

Styles that work best with heart-shaped faces are aviators and our beloved cat eye.

Luckily, cat eye glasses have returned from the past with a vengeance, coming in styles that range from heavy and dramatic to sleek and modern. Go for a light- colored frame in yellow or rosy-pink alongside thin, metal frames for a look that sits delicately on your face.

The main thing you must steer clear of with heart-shaped faces though, is choosing glasses that are oversized. Heavy frames and wide, black wayfarer styles will take away from your delicate features and you into bug-eye territory.