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The Cool Jewel

With over 7,000 color choices at their disposal, Landella can serve many tastes and styles with creative bead and leather bracelets and necklaces that are unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Michele Chiappetta
Sarah Eliza Roberts
January 28, 2019

When you’re in the market for an attractive, affordably priced gift for someone, or a special piece of bling for yourself — one that is locally crafted from American materials by Tulsa area artists — then we have one word for you: Landella.

Owned by the same people who provide superior fine jewelry at Spexton, Landella offers creative, unique, well-designed beads and leather bracelets that are unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. Co-owner Nate McPherson says Landella’s specialty approach begins with how — and where — Landella’s beads are made.

“Our goal is to provide a quality American, completely locally made product,” explains McPherson. “We’re the only dedicated bead factory in the United States. Landella is a legitimate, full-on, handmade bead product. We are the only powder-coated bead manufacturer ever. No one else in the world is doing what we are doing.”

In other words, the beads that go into making Landella’s jewelry are all completely handmade in America — in Tulsa, to be exact. You won’t find anything quite like them elsewhere in the world. Pretty cool, right?

“The only thing we import is the leather, which comes from Greece, and the magnet inside the clasp,” says McPherson. “We use American brass, sterling silver, steel, and powder coating.”

The rich variety of selections and color combination options is something that both new clients and repeat Landella customers appreciate. (Photo: Sarah Eliza Roberts)
The rich variety of selections and color combination options is something that both new clients and repeat Landella customers appreciate. (Photo: Sarah Eliza Roberts)

And because of the special powder coating technique Landella uses to tint their beads, the options for people to customize their jewelry to their own creative likings are virtually endless.

“I taught myself how to powder coat metals, so I started with that,” says McPherson, whose creativity is one of the driving artistic forces behind Landella’s beautiful, blingy vision. “When we started making beads, we thought it might work, and it did. The fun thing about powder coating is that there are so many colorful options – over 7,000 color choices.”

Colors galore? Yes, please! The rich variety of selections and color combination options is something that both new clients and repeat customers appreciate. Shoppers can opt for the tried-and-true, like University of Oklahoma crimson, Oklahoma State University orange, University of Tulsa gold, or Oral Roberts University navy blue. You can find good old Fourth of July red, white, and blue. There are plenty of silver and gold shades too.

But the thousands of color combinations available through the powder coating technique allow Landella to create specialty items beyond the usual. Every month, Landella highlights a color of the month — a different shade each time so regular clients can always expect something new when they visit. February’s color of the month is traditional pinks and reds – Valentine hues — available at 30 percent off.

Landella also keeps up with new color trends too. “This year, we will have the pantone color of the year, which is coral,” says McPherson. “We really listen to what is selling and what our customers are requesting. We’ll follow the trend locally and go from there.”

Nate McPherson (Photo: Sarah Eliza Roberts)
Nate McPherson (Photo: Sarah Eliza Roberts)

Another advantage to the vast number of choices available is that Landella can serve many tastes and many styles, creating a broad appeal that doesn’t exclude people. From boys and girls to hippies or bejeweled grandmas, Landella has it all.

“Because we have so much color, we’re able to accommodate many more tastes,” says McPherson. “Other brands are more limited in this area, but we’re not. What I like about the brand is that it doesn’t discriminate against your gender or style.”

Shoppers perusing the numerous color choices at Landella’s factory store on 15th Street can choose an existing piece for sale, or plan their own design, allowing for great individuality. “People can come in and design their own products, and make them right then on the spot,” says McPherson. And there are plenty of finished pieces that customers can buy or customize too.

In fact, the creativity of Landella’s customers is a constant inspiration to McPherson and his fellow artists. “Sometimes our customers are our best designers,” he says.

Of course, no Landella bracelet or necklace would be complete without their proprietary magnetic clasp, which is also unlike anything else you’ll find in other stores. “We have created what we believe to be the best magnetic clasp in the world,” says McPherson. “It really is cool. It screws onto the leathers we use. As a result, we can build any piece to any length. It could be a very small or very big wrist.”

The result, he says, is that even if a shopper doesn’t comfortably fit into other brands, Landella can ensure you get a fit that works for your body type. “It provides consumers with an option they didn’t have before,” he says.

When you visit Landella’s factory store location, you’ll be able to see the production process up close and personal, which adds another unique, local, artisan flair to the store and its products. “It’s a huge advantage to be here,” says McPherson. “The store is extremely easy to access with plenty of free parking. When you come in, you’re able to see into the powder coating room where we apply color, and you can go on a tour and watch each aspect of the bead-making process.”

In addition to beaded jewelry, Landella offers other gift options too — such as essential oils, a locally-made fingernail polish with colors that match the beads, greeting cards, and a planned line of body scrubs and other body products. “The goal is to have gift options that are locally made and affordable,” says McPherson.

Landella can even help with fundraiser products for local public schools. Their main focus is to support specialty programs that need the extra funds, such as music programs, extracurriculars like dance, or ROTC programs. Landella will design a collection, create a flyer students and parents can hand out, and handle all fulfillment. People can go online and order directly, so students never have to collect the money and personal information, or deal with shipping and delivery. Landella splits the profits with the fundraising group 50-50.

5805 E. 15th St. | Tulsa
Sunday-Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday-Saturday: 11 a.m.-6 p.m.