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Sweet Dreams

With colorful treats from floor to ceiling, sweets stores bring out the kid in every shopper, whether they grew up in the era of penny candy or the latest outrageous confection.

Lindsey Mills
Lindsey Mills
February 28, 2019

March is my birthday month, so I figured it was important to test out as many of the sweet spots in Tulsa as possible so that I would know just where to take my birthday celebration. At least that sounds like a good excuse to visit a lot of ice cream shops and bakeries, right?

The bad news is that when you use the explore button on your Google Maps app is that there are way too many options. Little red dots pop up all over your screen with nearby doughnut, cupcake and cookie shops, candy stores, bakeries, and ice cream parlors. How to choose? The good news is, there are tons of truly great options when you narrow in on the kind of sweet you are craving. I took the liberty to test as many as possible to give you my list of favorites.

Antoinette Baking Company
207 N. Main St. | Tulsa
We’ve been a fan of Antoinette’s since before we moved to Tulsa. This beautiful coffee shop and bakery is home to a wide assortment of perfectly crafted goods. The menu offers breakfast options, specialty drinks, pies, cakes, macarons, cookies, and ice cream. Visit on a whim to satisfy your sweet tooth, hangout for an extended time to sip coffee and knock out some work, or pre-order the perfect cake to celebrate a special occasion.

Big Dipper Creamery
1124 S. Lewis Ave. | Tulsa
They had me at “ice cream.” They had me a second time when I remembered how good that ice cream was sandwiched between two cookies. Located in the Mother Road Market, this spot offers delicious, creamy scoops served up with cookies, as a sundae, or simply scooped into a bowl or cone. The workers are happy to give you a sample of each flavor if you want to be sure to pick the best one. I highly recommend not tasting every single one because it only makes it harder to choose.

Merritt’s Bakery
Various locations
Upon walking into this shop early on a Friday morning, we were greeted with an extra-long case of sugary goodness. Doughnuts, pastries, cakes and cookies beckoned to us. We acknowledged the “take a number” system and realized this place must be hopping throughout the day as people fill the shop for their own fill of freshly baked goods. Sure enough, though still early, people started to fill the bakery. I snagged us the perfect cake to celebrate my boyfriend, Jackson’s, birthday before heading out of town for the weekend. Maybe we’ll be back to snag one for mine. Call early and get yours.

Rose Rock Microcreamery
The Boxyard | 502 E. 3rd St. | Tulsa
Rose Rock Microcreamery in The Boxyard serves up delicious small batches of creamy and delicious ice cream to cool you off and delight your taste buds. Alongside traditional flavors like vanilla and chocolate are creative flavors you’ve probably never had in a waffle cone before. Take your cold and creamy treats out onto the patio and enjoy The Boxyard’s unique vibe at the same time as your frozen treat. The glass freezer case is filled with colorful ice cream in flavors from traditional to exotic, while the scent of waffle cones crisping up fills the air. It’s a special little place for a treat, and you can tell as soon as you enter the glass main doors. Every month’s menu of 16 flavors includes eight consistent flavors: Madagascar Vanilla, Midnight Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Vietnamese Coffee, Rose Rock, Salted Caramel, Lavender Honey, and Vegan Chocolate.

Rustic Gate Creamery
101 W. Main St. | Jenks
Jenks is full of destinations. Riverwalk Crossing. The Oklahoma Aquarium. The antiques district full of charming shops. The nearby restaurants and entertainment. Nestled in the heart of the antique shops on Main Street is a little ice cream shop that should be on your list of Jenks destinations. Rustic Gate Creamery looks a little bit like grandma’s house from the street. There’s a patio out front with seating for enjoying a nice afternoon, and a colorful ice cream cone sculpture just to make sure you know what you’re in for. Inside, Rustic Gate’s charm and nostalgia kick up a few notches. Glass jars filled with traditional and sugar cones sit atop the glass ice cream case amid a sweet array of flavored soda, PEZ dispensers, and gourmet jelly beans. A red and white striped awning at the back of the shop adds to the nostalgic feeling, while wood shelves full of candies you won’t find on grocery store shelves remind you of your youth.

Sweet Boutique
The Boxyard | 502 E. 3rd St. | Tulsa
A glass case filled with truffles. An explosion of bright, happy, welcoming color. More sweet treats than your eyes can take in all at once. Jars, tins, boxes, and bags full of goodness. Beautifully decorated macarons displayed under a glass dome. Giant, colorful lollipops dangling on ribbons from the ceiling. A friendly helper behind the counter, smiling back at you. All packed neatly inside one of The Boxyard’s shipping containers. Welcome to Sweet Boutique. Sweet Boutique is a great choice for a gift for your special someone, treats for your staff, table favors for a fancy party, or for yourself. You can select a tin or a box and custom-pack a gift.

I am confident that there are still some yummy stops to make and sugary delights I’ve yet to try. It’ll take a little more working out and a whole lot of healthy meals before I earn the reward of indulging in all of Tulsa’s greatest sweet treats. Tell me what I missed. Tag your photos #TakenWithTulsa and I’ll be sure to check it out.

Tips for Guilt-Free Sugar Intake

While I’m not ashamed of my sweet tooth and I’m all for satisfying it, I’m also a firm believer that our culture consumes way too much of it. It’s important to enjoy it on occasion, but not so often that it doesn’t feel like a real treat.
1. Get moving every day, even if it’s only for 30 minutes. Working out regularly and moving even a little each day will help burn those calories in no time.

2. Eat meals that are devoid of sugar. It’s great to eat fresh fruits and veggies, but avoid what comes out of a box or bag. Indulging in something yummy feels better after being really good to your body. If you feed yourself whole, nutritious foods throughout your week, that slice of cake or scoop of ice cream won’t make you feel so guilty.

3. Sweets are best enjoyed to celebrate something special like a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or just a really good day at work. Make the reward match the work though; a productive day may only deserve a bite of chocolate.

What do we do now? I want to hear your suggestions, whether you’re a native Tulsan or a newbie like us. We want to know where to hang out, pig-out, shop ’til we drop, and everything in between. If you know a place with a great story, share it with us so we can go check it out.

Every day is an adventure with our little family, and I’m sharing our story because I think some people can relate. Follow us on Instagram and/or search #TakenWithTulsa or #NewInTtown to check out our latest adventures as we seek out new experiences and share our advice on how to embrace Tulsa.