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Susan, Makayla and Hannah Wall

Stops: Fuji, Los Cabos, Brownie’s, Drysdales

$91.80 Challenger
$91.80 Challenger
March 29, 2017

The Mission: So providing an envelope of cash and telling people to spend it in 48 hours isn’t exactly a challenge, but it makes this assignment sound a lot more interesting. Spend $91.80 (we used the local area code for the amount) in two days. And if they could find fun and free activities ... bonus. The only catch was that they had to spend it at places, events or shops profiled in the March issue of Preview.

The Team: Susan, Makayla and Hannah Wall

Stop #1: Makayla and I [Susan] headed out to start our adventure at Fuji Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar. Right away we were seated and served a large tray of colorful shrimp chips — served only for dinner — and ordered the 7 Spice Seared Ahi Tuna appetizer to share. It was absolutely amazing. We loved the atmosphere, the service and the food. Hopefully we will get the chance to have Richard as our server again too. We most certainly have added Fuji to our list of favorite places to eat.
Cost: $11.95

Stop #2: After our appetizer, we picked up Hannah and headed to Los Cabos for dinner. The place was packed and we could see that everyone there was having a great time together. In only a few minutes it seemed, we were eating mahi mahi tacos, shrimp quesadillas and vegetable fajitas. There was so much delicious food we had to take some home. Everything was wonderful and more than we expected, with the manager even stopping by our table just to make sure everything was absolutely perfect. She was so gracious. Ask for Bart to be your server. He will make sure your service is right.
Cost: $44.42

Stop #3: The next afternoon we wanted to check out one of the fantastic diners here in Tulsa for sure. So when we saw that Brownie’s had homemade root beer, the decision was made. What a fun place (decked out in 1950s style) to stop in for all kinds of sandwiches and pies. The refillable root beer was the best we’ve ever tasted. They deserve a prize for their recipe.
Cost: $4.50

Stop #4: We wanted to stop in and take a look at what Drysdales would have for us to buy to wrap up our day. It is an amazing store. The selection is definitely unbeatable. We chose some Native American items and jewelry to purchase. We liked so many things; we could have spent hours there easily. We enjoyed every minute.
Cost: $30.93

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