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Speed Thrills

Awaken your spirit of adventure, play a round of simulated golf, take Xbox gaming to another level, or blow off some steam in a race-kart on steroids at Xtreme Racing and Entertainment.

Rob Harmon
Valerie Grant
March 29, 2017

Not exactly living life in the fast lane these days? Jason Wright — owner of Xtreme Racing and Entertainment in Broken Arrow — has just the antidote. For heart-pounding fun and excitement, take a spin on one of the largest indoor asphalt tracks in the country, in one of Xtreme’s first-class, state-of-the-art electric race-karts. Up to 50 mph of pure adrenaline rushing through your veins as you speed around the track will make you look at life a little differently.

“People love the thrill of driving these race- karts,” Wright says. “The electric aspect of them gives you instant torque, so when you step on it, you’ve got full power. It is nothing like anything that’s ever been in Tulsa. They’re not gas powered, so there are no fumes. With the Formula One style track, you get g-force and driving experiences that have never been around here before.”

In spite of the rush you can get from the experience, they still keep it safe.

A knowledgeable staff always provides safety instructions before you get in
the kart. If they notice anyone is being reckless, they can remotely slow the driver down. Otherwise, with the proper nylon mask and required safety helmet, if you follow all the safety precautions and stay in control, you can get up to 50 mph.

With a pricing change, fulfilling your need for speed on a regular basis is more affordable than ever. Platinum memberships cost $120 and include 10 races, a T-shirt, free shuffleboard and pool and waived fees for helmet rentals. After the 10 included races, additional races are $10 for adults and $5 for juniors.

But, if you’re just looking to try it out, single, double and triple race packages are available for $20, $18 and $15 per race. Be careful, though, because the thrill of the intense speed and competition will get you completely hooked!

If you’re not so sure about the speed track yet, don’t fret. Xtreme is not only about race-kart racing. Their facility is jam packed with all forms of entertainment.

For the golf enthusiast, use the same training system Jordan Spieth uses. The intense golf and sports simulator allows you hit a real golf ball and play a round of golf, from tee to green, on one of 70 famous and beautiful courses around the world. It’s been known to lower handicaps. The simulation also has an outstanding sports simulation where you can throw a real football, kick a soccer ball, hit a baseball and more.

Beyond the race-kart racing and simulation games, they also offer shuffleboard tables, air hockey and billiard tables. (Photo: Valerie Grant)
Beyond the race-kart racing and simulation games, they also offer shuffleboard tables, air hockey and billiard tables. (Photo: Valerie Grant)

“It’s a high energy destination entertainment place,” Wright says. “We love having people who just come in and get their two or three races in and leave and we love the ones who come in and spend two or three hours here. They’ll race and then enjoy all our other attractions, maybe even catch a game on the big screen.”

When Wright refers to the facility’s big screen, he’s talking about a massive 17-foot diagonal wall television. The gigantic screen is located inside
 a decked out VIP lounge, which can be reserved for parties and events. Relax on leather couches and watch college and pro football games or play Xbox games. 

“We call it the Man Cave,” Wright says, laughing. “We have two additional 55-inch TVs, so we end up with many games going at once. You can get a full sports immersion in that room. With the Xbox, it makes it a lot more fun because you can actually see the [life-size] guys you’re supposed to be shooting at.”

Another cool attraction is a shooting simulator devised by the national and Olympic
shooting teams of Sweden. It’s a 
training system that provides instant feedback on how well you’re shooting. Two Colt 45 revolver simulators allow you to test and refine your peacemaker skills. Hunting simulation programs are available for shooting bear, moose, wild boar and duck. A semi-automatic handgun simulation program is on its way.

“We’re after adrenaline-filled
 experiences for our customers. In
virtually everything we do, we believe we provide that,” Wright says. “And we’re really excited to talk about the newest coming attraction, hopefully available on Memorial Day weekend. I can’t say too much now but it will be one of a kind in the region and one of only six or seven experiences like it in the entire world.”

Beyond the race-kart racing and simulation games, they also offer shuffleboard tables, air hockey and billiard tables.

Xtreme Racing & Entertainment is fully capable and prepared to host corporate meetings with 
a large conference room. They can also reserve space for bachelor or bachelorette parties, which start in the conference room but invariably migrate to the track.

Xtreme Racing & Entertainment
708 W. Kenosha St. | Broken Arrow
Monday-Thursday: 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
Friday-Saturday: 11 a.m.-11 p.m.
Sunday: Noon-8 p.m.