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Shelby and Ben Harris

Stops: Baskin-Robbins, Eton Square, Josh’s Sno Shack, Tulsa Drillers, Fat Daddy’s

$91.80 Challenger
$91.80 Challenger
July 29, 2017

The Mission: So providing an envelope of cash and telling people to spend it in 48 hours isn’t exactly a challenge, but it makes this assignment sound a lot more interesting. Spend $91.80 (we used the local area code for the amount) in two days. And if they could find fun and free activities ... bonus. The only catch was that they had to spend it at places, events or shops profiled in the July issue of Preview.

The Team: Shelby and Ben Harris

Stop #1: Friday night we decided to go on a double date with our friends Shelbi and Josh. We met up for ice cream at Baskin-Robbins on 71st and Memorial. By the time we got there, the place was hopping. Despite all the crazy stuff going on, we were taken care of quickly and efficiently. The workers were very friendly, and the ice cream was amazing. We’ll be going back.
Cost: $15.70

Stop #2: After Baskin-Robbins, we bought movie tickets at Eton Square to see Despicable Me 3. We had no idea the theater existed until we saw it in Preview. We usually go to the Warren Theater so I wasn’t expecting too much. It was very clean and all the lights around the concession stands added to a great atmosphere. The seats were comfortable inside the auditorium and the best part is there were tables between the rows. No need to put the popcorn on the floor. This is a great place to take your family and have a good time.
Cost: $13

Stop #3: We got our first snow cones of the year at Josh’s Sno Shack. My boss had turned me on to it, so we thought we’d give it a shot. We only had to stand in line for a couple of minutes. They were extremely fast and courteous. My hubby got Dragon Slayer and I got Captain Jack. Both were amazing, had the perfect amount of juices, and were very affordable. We have found our new favorite snow cone shack.
Cost: $5

Stop #4: We decided to go to the Tulsa Drillers game Saturday. We parked at the OSU-Tulsa campus and walked to ONEOK Field. There are beautiful murals on a couple of the overpasses, and the view of downtown is great. The Drillers were playing Midland and knocked it out of the park. The first batter hit a home run, and six others followed him before the seventh-inning stretch. It was a great game.
Cost: $22

Stop #5: After all the cheering at the game, we had really worked up an appetite. We went to Fat Daddy’s at 81st and Memorial. It is a cool atmosphere with a bar, pool table, jukebox, and dinner tables. The pork belly burger was amazing, and the chili cheeseburger wasn’t bad either. It was a great end to an amazing night.
Cost: $22.04

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