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Scream Machines

Riders piloting indoor motorcycles on steroids will be looking to avoid coming off like “squids” or getting “cased” as the dirt devils flip, jump and push for a holeshot, points and cash. Brraaap!

Richard Linihan
February 1, 2017

If you happen to be passing Tulsa’s Expo Square at the end of February, don’t be surprised to hear a buzzing noise coming from the inside, of the Ford Truck Arena. No, it won’t be a beekeepers’ convention. In fact, once you’re inside the noise level will advance exponentially beyond that of the busiest of beehives.

It’s the fifth annual Arctic Cat Nitro Arenacross Tour with high-powered motorcycles that not only sound loud, but also have riders who always go big or go home.

“We build a course of dirt ramps that make the riders y as high as 20 feet and travel 60 feet across the arena,” says event coordinator Jay Reynolds. “It’s a family show, but it’s the most exciting family show that you’ll ever see. You’ll see pros and amateurs who have absolutely zero fear.”

With a little bit of danger involved, the sport usually has its fans on the edge of their seats. It’s a wonder the tour ever sells any concessions with people watching in awe, unable to take their eyes off the spectacle taking place.

“This sport began back in the 1980s,” Reynolds says. “People are always searching for new entertainment.”

He said there are certain variables
of this game that make it more satisfying to fans than even the top professional sports venues can match. 

“What other sport has flipping three-wheelers or lets you meet the pros like we do Saturday night with interaction with fans?” Reynolds says. “These guys are some of the fastest in the nation and it includes children getting to compete with ATVs and side-by-sides.” 

Reynolds says this is the largest pro-am event of its kind in the nation, and it is going to get even bigger.

“This is indoor motorcycles on steroids,” he says. “Even more intense than
that. We currently are performing on this tour in eight states across the country, and next year we are going to try to expand that to 16 states.”

The two-night event for adrenaline junkies begins with a pre-party featuring a musical artist to get the crowd’s blood owing. There will be a free pit party
for the everyday Joe to meet his favorite pros. e show kicks o with lasers, lights, fog, rocking music and more.

As the heart begins to pump harder than ever imaginable, the Nitro AX Tour pros battle it out for more than $70,000
in seasonal purse money with events
that include motorcycle racing, ATV racing, UTV flips and a FMX pro jump off. The jump-infested arena floor will challenge the riders as they soar like they’ve been shot out of a canon. At times it feels like they might bump their heads on the roof that can’t be reached most days without a rocket for propulsion.

From the children on their 50cc minis to the Nitro AX Tour pros on their 450cc re breathing MX bikes straight out of a James Bond movie it seems these guys should leave you gasping for air as you see things you’ll never see again in a lifetime.

Friday is free children night and Saturday night is the free track party.

Motorcycle classes run both nights and ATV classes will race and perform Saturday night only. The great thing is that you don’t have to be a part of the tour to race. All racers are welcome
to sign up and participate. When was the last time the NBA let you shoot some hoops right alongside Russell Westbrook or Stephen Curry?

Reserved seating is $23 a night for adults and $16 for children. General admission in advance is $18 for adults (12 years old and up) and $12 for children (2-11 years old). Advance general admission ends Feb. 23. All prices include taxes and will increase by $2 at the door the day of the event.

On Friday night, children get in free with each paid adult in general admission only.

Nitro Arenacross
Expo Square | Tulsa
Tickets: 918-376-6000
Feb. 24: 7:30 p.m.
Feb. 25: 7:30 p.m.