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Rock Stars

As a family-run business, Oklahoma Granite and Stone cares about producing attractive, well-made home fixtures at a reasonable price.

Michele Chiappetta
Marc Rains
March 28, 2019

When your home or office is ready for a remodel, and you’re in the market for superb, affordable stone work from a talented crew, there’s a local couple you need to know. Michael and Sandra Connors run Oklahoma Granite and Stone, and they’re creating beautiful stone kitchens, bathrooms, and more for people all over Green Country.

The Connors, who have been married for 33 years, have connections to Tulsa and the East Coast, and both have deep experience in home remodeling. Michael is originally from New Jersey, and was once the top recruiter for the Better Business Bureau. Sandra is a Tulsan. They previously owned New England Architectural Remodelers, a design-build company in Boston.

After selling that business, along with their other home in Florida, they decided to move back to Tulsa where Sandra’s parents lived. “They were getting older, and we decided to come back in 1995 so they could spend more time with their grandchild. So, now I’ve become a genuine Tulsan like Sandra,” says Michael with a laugh.

“When I retired, I didn’t want to sit in a chair,” he adds. When he and Sandra moved to Tulsa, he became involved at St. John’s Hospital. Then, with their experience in the design-build industry, Michael and Sandra did several kitchen, bathroom, and similar countertop remodels each year for people they knew.

Soon, it made sense to do their stone work full time. “We’ve been very fortunate with the growth we’ve had,” says Michael.

As a family-run business, Oklahoma Granite and Stone cares about producing attractive, well-made stone counters at a reasonable price. “We do a flat square-foot price,” says Michael. “We take exact measurements to the quarter-foot, and multiply by a price point of $28 per square foot to calculate the cost of fabrication and installation combined. Most other companies start at a higher price per square foot, and mark up the stone. We wholesale the materials to our clients, so we nearly always turn out to have the best price for any project.

“But the big thing is the stone. We buy most of our stone from the oldest stone yard in Oklahoma, located in Broken Arrow. We measure, and that’s the exact price for our labor. The choice of stone is up to the customer, and we don’t make a penny from the material. We feel this approach creates a lot of trust.”

Often, homeowners know exactly what stone they want. But, if you’re undecided, Sandra is available to help with design at the stone yards, so you can choose a granite or other material that fits your budget. She’ll also help you match your home’s color scheme, blending counters with your floors and cabinets. There are hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from.

The common thread, though, is granite — which is their top seller. “Most of what we sell is granite,” says Michael, “because it’s a beautiful material at a great price.” Quartz starts about three times the price of level 1 granite. In addition to cost advantages, granite offers another benefit — it’s unique. Unlike quartz, which is man-made in molds, leading to a uniform look, granite is natural, and each slab is distinctly patterned. No two slabs are ever exactly alike.

“If you choose quartz, you may have the same look as many other homeowners,” says Michael. “But if you choose granite, you’ll never see another kitchen just like yours.”

Though the bulk of the work done by the Connors is in the area of kitchen remodels, granite and other stones can make appearances in other parts of your home too, lending many opportunities to create a luxurious look and feel.

“Most of our work is kitchens, but we do many other things too,” Michael says. “We create lots of bath vanity-tops and have done several outdoor kitchens over the years. We also do stone windowsills and tops for half-walls. We can also cover shower liners with stone or with thin synthetic marble.”

No job is too big or too small, and, on average, Oklahoma Granite and Stone needs only two to three weeks of lead time from the moment a customer picks out their stone until the day of installation. “We have a real stake in getting the job done quickly and correctly,” Michael says. “We don’t keep people hanging on, and never ask for any deposits up-front, like others do. We work with clients in a simple way. No pressure, no salespeople. Our clients deal directly with Sandra and me. We’re a small family company, and we are proud to provide personal service, from first call to final photos.”

Oklahoma Granite and Stone