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Ride the Athleisure Trend

Is sportswear fashion (or activewear) a lazy approach to dressing, or a great option because it is so easy to wear on any day of the week?

Ryann Gordon
August 29, 2017

There’s a phenomenon of sorts taking over the fashion world. It’s confusing, questionable, contrasting and undeniably chic. It’s a terrifyingly attractive diversion from every style tip we’ve ever held dear — a combination of styles brought together as one.

Some might call it a stretchy-pant paradox, if you will, because no longer are we wearing activewear only on our hours of physical exertion. And no longer are we keeping athletic clothes in their own category, only to be accompanied by similar pieces worthy of a jog or yoga-sesh. Sports apparel has taken on a new meaning in modern fashion, where tights are the new denim.

It’s time that we break those comfy clothes out of our dresser drawers and bring them to the closet to join our satin, leather, boots and heels. Although it may sound ridiculous, the joining of casual activewear and sexy, sleek statement pieces has taken over the closets of celebrity fashion icons.

Get the best of both worlds when you unify your favorite fashion trends for a cozy, comfy, cool and killing-it look. Dress down your evening dresses with daytime sneakers; combine your coziest sweatpants with your most fashionable heeled booties; and turn your raggedy, old hoodies into high fashion with a tight skirt and heels. The models are all doing it; celebrities are copping it; and, now it’s time for us to do the same.


Sag a little
Lucky for those who have been unable to unbutton their skinny jeans since the early 2000s, you can officially throw those babies in the trash. It’s all about the baggy pants now. And, it’s all about what you’re pairing them with. Go for oversized, boyfriend sweatpants, sleek Adidas track pants or something closer to MC Hammer’s metallic, harem‑style


Pass up the pumps
Give your feet the break they’ve always dreamt of, and step out of those heels for a day. Tennis shoes and other sporty flats have taken over the sportswear scene and evolved into a day-to-night-wear trend. Pair a classy gown with some dainty lace-ups, and bring your nighttime looks to the streets. Whether you’re rocking clean, white kicks that will never lose their place as a fashion staple or more modern, chunky tennis shoes that have been pumped up to platform status, you can turn any outfit from sassy to sporty-sleek in no time.


Roll the sleeves
Don’t worry, sorority girls — we haven’t jacked your style just yet. Similar to the oversized T-shirt and Nikes that we’ve seen on college campuses for years, this trend also involves your largest shirts and hoodies. But rather than your man’s crusty ones, let’s go for dad’s vintage. Rock out in a Harley Davidson hoodie or oversized Metallica T-shirt and pair with a sleek mini skirt either tucked in or not. Throw on some strappy heels, and you’ll be the fashion queen of comfort town.


Bust out the ball cap
You don’t have to be going to a Drillers game to rock this timeless look. Dress down your pretty skirts and dresses with a sleek and endlessly cool cap. There’s no better way to hide a bad hair day or surprise pimple than with a face-shading baseball cap that screams covert in the most alluring way. Rock an old-school cap with a girly ensemble and look like the coolest around with no effort at all, which just makes it all the more chic.