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Recipes for Success

From planning, cooking and serving to coordinating, fielding questions and solving problems, 624 Catering can provide the services you may need for your party or event to make a lasting impression.

Michele Chiappetta
Valerie Grant
March 28, 2018

Weddings, retirement parties, charity dinners, large business luncheons… Special events like these involve a lot of planning, a lot of attention to detail, and yes, a lot of delicious, pleasing food to satisfy the event goers. And while it might seem intimidating to think about where to begin when you need the help of a caterer, it’s much easier when you consult a professional catering team that loves to help people arrange the tastiest, most charming eats for their needs.

It’s no surprise that among Green Country’s catering operations, the group at 624 Catering stands out among the crowd. Run by the Justin Thompson Restaurants (JTR) Group, whose eateries including PRHYME Downtown Steakhouse, Juniper, Tavolo and MixCo, are staples in downtown Tulsa, 624 Catering specializes in serving up wonderful classic Americana-style dishes to please every palate for any special occasion you can envision.

Heather Dusenberry, catering director for the JTR Group and manager of the day-to-day operations for 624 Catering, is an experienced event planner and caterer who loves feeding Tulsa area families, businesses and charities on their special days. Dusenberry served as the general manager at Juniper and also ran her own event coordination company before stepping into her role with the JTR Group.

Run by the Justin Thompson Restaurants (JTR) Group, 624 Catering specializes in serving up wonderful classic Americana-style dishes to please every palate for any special occasion you can envision. (Photo: Valerie Grant)
Run by the Justin Thompson Restaurants (JTR) Group, 624 Catering specializes in serving up wonderful classic Americana-style dishes to please every palate for any special occasion you can envision. (Photo: Valerie Grant)

Dusenberry’s knowledge of what makes an event a stellar experience is one reason 624 Catering is one of the most popular, go-to spots in Green Country. As anyone who has planned a large event knows, the details can feel overwhelming. Clients of 624 Catering can be assured they’ll receive excellent guidance in making their event picture  perfect.

“I have done catering for so many years,” says Dusenberry. “I know how much stress goes into planning events. I can guide the client through the entire process to make it easier. I’ve seen it all and done it all and know the best ways to get it all done with excellence."

An outstanding feature of the 624 Catering team is its attractive event venue, located in the lobby of the Oklahoma Natural Gas building at Seventh and Boston in downtown Tulsa. The spot is known for its historic connection to one of Tulsa’s most prosperous periods, as well as a gorgeously maintained historic interior. “This was one of the first two buildings in Tulsa to be fashioned in the art deco zigzag style,” Dusenberry says.

Among the most outstanding visual aspects of the space include its 20-foot-high ceilings, marble columns, terrazzo floor accents, original ceiling details and contemporary palette, giving it a fresh, crisp appearance that nevertheless hearkens back to the roaring ’20s. The space can easily accommodate seated dinner groups as small as 25 or as large as 100-150, or a standing cocktail and hors d’oeuvres party of up to 200 guests.

Events can also be scheduled off-site, wherever a client prefers to host their event, whether it’s at another local venue, office space, home, backyard, or anywhere else you can imagine. They do it all, she says, and the bigger, the better. “Five hundred people events with multiple courses are kind of our specialty,” says Dusenberry.

Heather Dusenberry (Photo: Valerie Grant)
Heather Dusenberry (Photo: Valerie Grant)

“We have everything we need to cook off-site and execute any event. Things we don’t have, we can rent.”

Of course, no catered event is complete without great food. And like every other JTR property, 624 Catering’s chefs are pros at serving stylish, innovative, tasty culinary delights. “Our menu is handcrafted,” says Dusenberry. “We do everything from scratch. We buy everything fresh and make it specifically for your event.”

Menu options include breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, hot and cold buffets, boxed sandwiches and wraps, hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and a host of a la carte items — guaranteeing there’s something for every style of event you can throw their way. And the catering staff isn’t limited to what is listed on the menus. The chefs have years of experience, and they love a challenge.

For those with special culinary requirements, Dusenberry says just ask, and they’ll find a way to make it work. “We are happy to accommodate any dietary requirements,” she says. “If you have dietary restrictions, let me know. We always plan on having a few vegetarian foods at any event, and we try to keep most menu items gluten-free.”

Catered gatherings are also doable at any of the JTR Group restaurants. “Each restaurant has a menu that’s tailored to that restaurant’s likeness. They focus on what their expertise is,” says Dusenberry. In addition, each restaurant will open for private parties during times they are normally closed to the public.

When you’re planning an event, whether it’s at one of the JTR Group restaurants, the 624 Catering event venue, or a private location, you can always consult with Dusenberry, who will happily help you navigate the ins and outs of hosting a successful occasion. And if you’re looking for tips to get started on your planning, Dusenberry has a few suggestions.

“Knowing what you want is essential,” she says. “A lot of people focus on budget, but then their vision gets put aside. It helps when you know exactly what you want. And we can always tailor the budget to work with what you have in mind.”

If you want a taste of what the 624 Catering chefs can offer, Dusenberry suggests visiting the venue for their public events. “We do brunch once a month,” she says, “occasional wine dinners, and host a lot of dinners for charities.”

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