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Positive Energy

Delivering high-energy messages that encourage people to live up to their full potential, John Mason has inspired thousands with his personal formulas for success and happiness.

Donna Leahey
Marc Rains
November 29, 2017

You Can Do It, Be Yourself, and Believe You Can are nice inspirational words, but are also the titles of just three of the books written by Tulsa’s John Mason. Highly regarded international speaker, bestselling author, professional author coach, publisher, and minister, Mason is a busy man.

“I ended up in Tulsa because I chose to go to Oral Roberts University [in 1973]. I actually didn’t even know who Oral was, but I had a friend who had gone to the school and really liked it,” he says. “I came down to visit the campus and it seemed like a good fit. So, I came 800 miles from Indiana and I’ve been here pretty much ever since then.”

The people and the culture of Tulsa won Mason over. “Tulsa is kind of a big town and a small town at the same time. I’ve traveled all over the world, and I just love the friendly, positive, caring people here,” he says. “I’ve raised all my family here. All four of my children, who are adults now, grew up here and stayed here.”

Mason has 25 inspirational titles under his belt, but it was a challenge to get that first one written.

“I never thought I would write a book,” he says. “I bought a book on how to write a book, and after I read it, I was convinced I could never do it. It was kind of a defining moment when I had lunch with a couple in the publishing business. They said, ‘Hey, you need to be yourself. You are known for stories, one liners, inspirational thoughts, your humor.’”

So, Mason decided to just be himself. His first book was finished 27 years ago.

“The book began to sell. It sold a lot of copies the first three months,” he says. “At the end of the first year, I’d sold more than 100,000 copies. I realized I’d hit a chord with positive, inspirational ideas that were short and to the point. People could pick up the book and get an idea that would stick with them throughout the day. And I’ve basically kept doing that for the last 27 years.”

If he had to recommend just one of his books, he’d go back to his first effort. “An Enemy Called Average is my very first book. One of my best-sellers, more than half-a- million sold. I attack different areas that make us more mediocre, offering things that I’ve learned along the way, that have helped me.”

Because his books have been so widely accepted, most of his speaking is about those books. Titles like You’re Born an Original, Don’t Die a Copy; Let Go of Whatever Makes You Stop; or Know Your Limits, Then Ignore Them are popular topics.

“I’ve done a lot of corporate things, church settings, conference stuff, mostly keynote speaking,” he says. “I do a lot of networking marketing, multi-level marketing, and insurance companies. At churches, I may do a Sunday morning. Occasionally I may do a men’s event. But, usually it’s a business setting or a service of some kind.

“When I was young, there was a professional speaker who took me under his wing. He would take me around and by the time I graduated high school I’d given over a hundred speeches at luncheons. I ended up in some contests and ended up second in the nation in a Reader’s Digest competition and I got to meet President [Richard] Nixon. I’m actually on the Watergate Tapes.”

Mason has been on both sides of the publishing industry. He’s been the head of three different publishing companies in his life, and an author at the same time. “I’m like an actor-director. Sometimes people just want to rent my brain for an hour,” he says.

His dual experience has put him in a great position to coach other authors. So many people asked him for help with their books, that he began making himself available to people as a consultant.

“A publisher has a very different view on a book. The publisher is all about selling it, what they can do to make sure it’s readable,” he says. “The author is more driven by the message, wanting to get that out. We’ve evolved into a full service. People like the coaching, but they wanted more help. We have collaborators to help them write the books. We have a whole structure that we use to help them. We’ve done a book for a governor, professional athletes, pastors, successful business people, people who want to expand their business. We’re the unbiased expert in their life.”

New writers face daunting challenges, but Mason sees opportunities as well. One of the biggest challenges is finding a way to stand out.

“There are half-a-million new books put out every year. The one universal question that publishers ask is ‘what’s different about this book?’” he says. “There’s a lot of competition for people’s attention. We always want to write books that are solving problems. You have to really provide something that’s valuable enough for people to exchange their time and money for.”

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