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Pie Profusion

Complete with a charming blue-collar vibe, Pizza Express dishes out traditional pizza that keeps you reaching for another slice long past the point of hunger.

Donna Leahey
Marc Rains
April 29, 2017

If good things come in small packages, then you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that great pizza sometimes comes from small storefronts. Pizza Express is the little pizza place with so much flavor that you may just think the pizza box is bigger on the inside.

“I wanted a small store,” says Staci Hahn, who owns Pizza Express with her husband, Steve. “And then this space became available at the end of last year. We like the small communities, and Jenks is a really close community.”

Pizza Express shows their community pride with the Jenks Trojans logo overlooking the cozy lobby. There are a couple of booths for those who want to have their food fresh out of the oven rather than carrying it out.

Since opening in March, Pizza Express has revamped everything. New owners, new menu, complete overhaul. New everything.

Pizza Express has also been popular with racing fans, in part because of Steve Hahn’s relationship with the racing community. His parents, Emmett and Fuzzy Hahn, are integral parts of the Chili Bowl National. In fact, Pizza Express is the Chili Bowl official pizza.

Everything Pizza (Photo: Marc Rains)
Everything Pizza (Photo: Marc Rains)

The Pizza Express menu includes not just pizza, but wings and calzones as well. You can also pick up a grilled chicken salad, cheese sticks, or sweet dessert, all made fresh to order. The regular crust pizza dough, sauce, garlic butter, cinnamon butter, and ranch are made by hand in-house, and you can taste the freshness.

The most popular menu item is the stuffed crust pizza, with mozzarella hidden inside the crust like a rich and savory prize in a box of Cracker Jack. If you’ve tried chain restaurants’ stuffed crust and thought it was doughy and unpleasant, give Pizza Express’ stuffed crust a try. The gooey mozzarella nestled inside a crisp and flavorful crust will have you looking forward to those last few bites. 

Another popular choice is the calzone. You can choose your own fillings, but Pizza Express suggests their original ‘zone with Canadian bacon, sausage, onion, and mushroom or the specialty ‘zone stuffed with all meat and veggies. The calzones are brushed with housemade garlic butter and topped with a sprinkle of parmesan and baked so perfectly brown that the crispy crust is as good as the fillings inside. The calzones are served with a side of marinara and ranch for dipping. 

Don’t forget to try the chicken wings while you’re there. You can get them bone-in or boneless and choose from blue cheese, ranch, garlic sauce, barbecue sauce, marinara, or taco sauce to go on the side.

The grilled chicken salad is a surprisingly good side option. A crisp green salad loaded with a generous helping of freshly cooked chicken. The small is a nice side, but the large is plenty big enough for a meal all by itself. The chicken is cooked when you order it, so it’s piping hot.

Finish off your meal with one of the dessert choices. The apple pie pizza is loaded with sweet apple, sprinkled with cinnamon, and drizzled with creamy glaze. This take on the classic American dessert complements a dinner of pizza and wings perfectly. Or try the cinnamon sticks. This sweet and intensely cinnamon dessert is a rich treat you deserve to enjoy.

You can order whatever you want on your pizza, but Pizza Express has an extensive menu of specialty pies, including traditions like the works, or the all-meat pie, but also unique flavors like the taco pizza, the chicken bacon ranch, and the Alfredo chicken, among others.

Grilled Chicken Salad (Photo: Marc Rains)
Grilled Chicken Salad (Photo: Marc Rains)

All the pizzas are made with Pizza Express’ housemade sauce. The flavor is fresh, bright, and full of tomato without being too acidic. The seasoning is balanced to give just the right taste to the cheese and toppings without being overwhelming.

And take Hahn’s advice: Get a side of the housemade ranch. Whether you dip a wing, a slice of calzone, or a pizza crust, you’ll be glad you did. “Buttermilk is what makes it special,” she says.

Pizza Express uses local ingredients whenever possible, and it shows in the freshness of their menu. Whether it’s the veggies on the pizza or the chicken on the salad, you will appreciate the attention to quality. “We don’t ever cut corners. We’re really picky about everything. Anything that’s not fresh? We toss it out,” she says.

For returning customers, Pizza Express has a Five Star Program. “Every dollar you spend earns points toward free food,” explains Hahn. Rewards range from a free order of cinnamon sticks or cheese sticks all the way to a free family special — a large one-topping pizza along with a large specialty pizza, a side, and a two- liter drink.

Pizza Express
109 N. Elm St. | Jenks
Monday-Sunday: 11 a.m.-9 p.m.