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Pamper in Paradise

Let your troubles float away with tranquil treatments that ease stress on the body and mind with a staycation in one of the luxury rooms at River Spirit Casino Resort.

Michele Chiappetta
December 1, 2016

With the weather turning colder in Tulsa, the school year halfway through, looming deadlines for end-of-the-year projects at work and holiday stress, a vacation probably seems like a great idea right about now. Even if you can’t get out of town, you can get away from it all for a while with a trip to one of Tulsa’s best staycation destinations. That’s right, we’re talking about River Spirit Casino’s newly opened Margaritaville Spa and Hotel.

If you’re familiar with the casino expansion happening on the south side of Tulsa by the Arkansas River, then you also probably know that the spa and hotel is phase two of a project intended to bring an additional $35 million into the city.  at extra revenue is good for the city overall, of course. But what can you personally expect to enjoy at the new Margaritaville? As it turns out, a whole lot of magic that will help you enjoy a getaway from the grind without ever leaving Green Country. 

First of all, let’s talk about the hotel. You’ve probably seen it during the construction phase, rising high above the Arkansas, more like a work of art than a functional building though technically it is both. River Spirit Casino’s CEO, Pat Crofts, clued us in about what sets Margaritaville apart from hotels in town. For one thing, there’s its size ... and its view.

“It’s a 27-story glass tower with floor-to-ceiling glass,” says Crofts.  is provides guests with some stunning views up and down the Arkansas River. Depending on where your room is situated — which side and how high up — you can enjoy a scenic overlook of Turkey Mountain, downtown Tulsa, and Riverside. And then, there’s the atmosphere. “It’s very tropically themed,” Crofts says. “You’ll think you’re walking into a hotel in Miami or the Caribbean.”

The whole experience of grandeur starts as you enter the lobby, which has been designed to conform to the Margaritaville theme and style of luxurious beach vacations. “The lobby is gorgeous, upscale, with high ceilings and a large video board about 50 feet wide and 20 feet high, with the latest Nano Lumens LED technology,” Crofts explains. “The screen can project any image and content, such as live streaming, concert footage, beach scenes, whales swimming by. It’s all designed to be eye-catching.”

The feel of luxury and excellence is also apparent in each individual room — 483 in all. Bright and colorful in decor, the rooms also boast luxurious features such as granite, to help you feel like you are truly on a splurge trip to a tropical island. Even the small rooms are a spacious 480 square feet, and suites range from 1,500 to 2,200 square feet depending on whether you opt for the junior size or one of the two chief suites available.

With this expansive size and variety, Margaritaville promises enough room for large groups like wedding parties, sports teams and business convention goers. But if you want to stay there, you need to make arrangements sooner rather than later. “We already have nearly 100 bookings,” Crofts says.

For businesses, the hotel offers a fantastic location for meetings, conventions and training sessions, as well as parties. The convention area includes five individual boardrooms, two classrooms, a ballroom that can seat 1,000 people for formal dining and more than that for conference style seating, and a pre-function area off the ballroom with a deck that overlooks the river. It’s easy to imagine a cocktail party following a day of business learning, to create the perfect blend of work and play.

If you’re looking for more fun than business, you might want to head to the Margaritaville spa, which is also ready to start pampering and prettifying the people of Green Country. “It’s a very high-end, full-service spa and beauty salon,” says Crofts. The spa will be overseen by a current local spa operator to help maintain local flavor and boost the area’s economy even more. And of course, the special treatment is all a part of the luxury staycation feel that the Margaritaville brand is known for.

When asked why River Spirit Casino went with bringing in the Margaritaville brand, Crofts explains the reasoning was simple. “We didn’t want to just build a bigger casino or hotel,” he says. “We needed to do something to raise the bar and bring people in.”

As it turns out, Tulsa has a lot in common with other locations that host a Margaritaville hotel and spa, he says. “We did a lot of market research before we started expansion. And the demographic of Margaritaville goers are a lot like ours here at River Spirit Casino. It’s about escapism and having fun.”

Part of that fun will happen New Year’s Eve, with live entertainment happening at the casino along with special cash drawings. at will be followed in January with the opening of the Paradise Cove theater, which seats 2,500 people in the main section, plus 150 or more in the VIP section. As part of the opening month’s festivities, Jimmy Buffett himself will put on a concert Jan. 28. Plus, local residents can look forward to an expansive pool deck with palm trees, Caribbean music and private cabanas for hotel guests, a swim-up bar, and the Ruth’s Chris Steak House, all opening early in 2017.

All in all, the growth at River Spirit Casino with the opening
of the Margaritaville hotel and spa is exciting for everyone involved. “We are really glad to have it all opening,” Crofts says. “It’s going to bring a lot of people into the area. It’s not just a hotel, not just a casino; it’s a regional resort destination.”

Margaritaville Casino and Restaurant at River Spirit Casino Resort
8330 Riverside Parkway | Tulsa