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Making a Splash

Be anything but ordinary this summer. Liven up your pool excursions and lake trips as if you’re on a beach that was made of anything but red dirt.

Ryann Gordon
April 29, 2017

It’s that time again — time to strip down to your barest (or almost barest) form and wow all of Oklahoma with your trendiest swimsuit attire. Tassels, mesh, graphic logos, added straps, low-cut tops and high-cut bottoms — it’s almost summer, and it’s time to shine.


Plain and Not Simple
Simple colors and styles are hot this year, so avoid overly dramatic Aztec, floral or Hawaiian prints made popular in the past. Stick to suits that are one color, whether it be pastel, neon, metallic, all-white or nude — the most popular shade leading online swimsuit searches this year. When seeking out more than one color, go for symmetrical patterns that color-block with straight, square angles of one or two colors on either side of the body.

Pay attention to the shape of the suit before the print. Popular styles include high-leg, backless one pieces and plunging V-necks that need no pattern to shine. And if you do go for printed pieces, stick to simple vertical stripes, delicate palm leaf and other floral designs, gingham, tie-dye or the random patchwork style with shells or pineapples.


Beach Glam
Don’t be afraid to channel your inner LA lady this summer and embrace dramatic styles like the monokini and lingerie-like one pieces. Many retro styles like high-waisted bottoms and tie-up, textured suits that our grandparents might have worn have returned to take the pool by storm. Pair your simple black bottoms and dainty, bralette-like top with cat eye glasses and be the pin-up queen you always knew you were.

Overall, bikini styles have become daintier in fashion, channeling bathing suit embellishments that begin at elegant, waved or leaf-shaped edges and end at simple chain straps that are lightweight and don’t take away from what’s underneath. Although, if you’re wanting to find a suit that’s dramatic enough to draw a few eyes around the pool on its own, the bohemian-style, printed string bikini has become a popular favorite among celebrities like Bella Hadid, who’s been photographed twirling long-hanging bikini tassels on beaches from Cali to the Maldives.

You can also amp up the beach glam in a metallic one piece that may blind other boaters. Or go all-out with a chain metal or metal-plated cover-up. Channel that festival fashion we all love in a metal bralette from Grace Bijoux that’ll have you looking like you transported straight from an Instagram ad.


Tommy Hilfiger’s sporty-style has returned to the swimwear fashion game in new and exciting ways — sports bra-style tops, zip-up one pieces and thick straps reppin’ your favorite brand logo.

Go for the thick-lined, Calvin Klein-style bikini; a zip-up, lifeguard-shaped top or a more girly-patterned, high-neck top. Mesh additions are one of the greatest ways to sass up a sportier swimsuit.

The sports-one piece trend has evolved this year from the simple Baywatch swimsuit to ultra-sporty, zip-up suits fit for a lifeguard or a surfer. Neoprene scuba-suit material made a dramatic addition to swimwear fashion in recent years, but it has now been revamped into one pieces whose extra thickness is ideal for smoothing and shaping the body.


Extra Frills
Ruffles and added straps and strings that wrap around the waistline have endured through the past year, and they will continue to rise this year in different forms. Off-the-shoulder bikini tops and one pieces have gone to extremes with some suits having a full-on half sleeve that seems functionally pointless, but ever-so feng shui. 

Tassels, pompoms and other add-ons are going to be prevalent at every poolside this year, so bring the fiesta with you back from Cabo in an ASOS tassel-trim suit. Statement ties and laces are continuing to make a statement this year as well, where the string bikini has evolved from one single side tie to detailed, woven laces. 

It’s really all about the materials this year though, where scuba suit neoprene and mesh continue to slay the game along with revamped vintage styles that have returned in new forms. Bring back those ‘90s, crunched tube top bikinis and check out Tory Burch’s Costa Bandeau for a newer twist on an old trend. 

And don’t deny another style that’s back to steal the show — denim suits with floral embroidery — it’s a must-try style that’ll have you showing up your mom’s ‘70s pics in no time.

Other hippie styles include crocheted crop tops that are back with a vengeance, with brands like Andy Bagus creating woven suits in designs like you’ve never seen before. You cannot beat crocheted tops and bottoms that lace up the waistline and chest or hang tassels down the legs or beneath the top. And make sure you check out their mermaid shell top — it’s a blue lagoon dream come true.