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Make Your Move

Is this the year you jump into the housing market or make a move to a new home? If so, you need to be prepared so that you avoid costly mistakes.

Donna Leahey
January 1, 2017

Are you thinking of selling your home? Maybe your family is growing or you’re ready to move to a new neighborhood? Or you’ve decided to try dabbling in real estate. If so, you need to be prepared so that you avoid throwing your money away.

The good news is that most of the missteps made when selling and buying real estate are avoidable with some education and the right guidance. To help you negate many of the more common screw-ups, we talked with Angie Cianfrone, a broker and owner at Realty Connect, regarding how to best sell your home fast and save some money in the process.

A Tulsa native, Cianfrone has over 20 years’ experience in the Tulsa area real estate market. She has worked with many of the major brokers and has consistently been one of the top agents in the area. Noting the way modern technology was shaping the business of real estate,
Cianfrone started
 her own brokerage, Realty
Connect, to take advantage of 
the trends of real estate in the Internet age.

“Buyers have way more information today,” she says, “but agents still have the experience, the know-how, and access to tools and resources to e ectively market your home to sell fast.”

Q: How is the housing marking in the Tulsa area doing right now?

A: It’s been good. Since 2007, it’s been a buyer’s market, but it’s shifting back toward a seller’s market and interest rates are still low. I think 2017 will be a good year for the market. People always need food, clothing and shelter. No matter what’s going on, people need a place to live.

Q: How has the Internet impacted real estate?

A: The Internet has hijacked the business. Today’s buyers spend hours on the Internet, researching information that may or may not be accurate. Before the Internet, homebuyers would count on agents to show them houses in their desired price range and neighborhood. But now, buyers show up with a list of houses they want to see, and they already have pictures of the interior, the asking price and what school district the house is located in.

Q: So, how does a savvy seller play to the Internet shopper?

A: First, know what information is already out there for your listing. Zillow.com and other sources are not always accurate, so knowing what information or misinformation your buyer is working with is important. Buyers look at the picture of the house and price. If you want them to click on your listing, you must captivate them with nothing more than that.

Q: What’s the best way to sell your home fast and for the price you want?

A: There are three factors affecting your ability to sell your home: price, location and condition. There’s nothing you can do about the location. e condition of the house can only be changed so much, so price is the one variable you can control. An agent can look at market data and help you find the best price that will sell. The goal is to set a price that will make your home be one of the top three choices for a prospective buyer.

Q: The listing agent typically makes 3 percent commission. That can be a lot of money, and some sellers try to bypass a listing agent. Why shouldn’t sellers try to keep that money for themselves?

‍Real estate is complicated. It’s a minefield, and good agents know the way through it.

A: Real estate is complicated. It’s a minefield, and good agents know the way through it. Most agents carry errors and omissions insurance, which can protect you from costly mistakes. e agent’s documents have also been reviewed by lawyers to avoid legal risks. Homeowners consistently overprice their homes, which will slow down the eventual sale. With an agent’s assistance, you can find a price that will move your home. Agents also help you with the contractual timelines. And probably most importantly, only agents have access to the Multiple Listing Service, a vital source of market information that can help price your home appropriately.

Q: What are some mistakes that 
will cost a seller time and money?

A: Don’t try to skimp by skipping an agent. Make sure you’re getting good advice on price. Spend the money for professional photos to avoid the cost of waiting endlessly for a sale. And remember that cluttered photos do not entice buyers; make sure your home is ready to show. Big open house events look impressive, but are rarely a good use of time or resources.

Q: What about the flat-fee listing services Realty Connect provides? That seems like a great and cheaper option for the seller who wants to put more money back in their pocket.

A: The listing agent’s commission is one of the costs people seem to hate paying the most. Whether the home sells quickly or takes months, sellers invariably resent paying that commission.

Flat-fee listing services, like what we offer, are a tremendous alternative to the old-school approach. We offer three packages of services ranging from $399 (silver package) to $1,000 (platinum package). Whether you’re selling a $50,000 starter house or a $2 million estate, you’ll pay the same amount for the package of services. Whichever plan you choose, you get the benefits of an experienced agent helping you navigate that real estate minefield.

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