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Look This Way

Who doesn't view photos on social media and imagine visiting some of the most beautiful locations in Tulsa? Depending on the person you ask, the answers could be wildly different.

Lindsey Mills
Lindsey Mills
April 28, 2019

We were headed to grab a drink and relax outside on a warm evening after work. Our dog, Kona, rode patiently in the backseat, eager to play after her day at work (where she slept in the back room all day long). The sun hadn’t quite set, and as we cruised down Peoria Avenue, an orange glow started to settle on the horizon. I smiled as I gazed at the illuminated skyline.

I’m going to miss Tulsa.

We moved here in June 2018 and ever since have spent our days exploring as much of the city as time and finances have allowed. Just shy of a year living here and we’ll be leaving.

I’ll miss saying, “I’m so taken with Tulsa.” I’ll miss walking down the street to grab breakfast in the Brookside District. I’ll miss riding down Riverside Drive, attending Sunday morning yoga, and afternoons visiting the Gathering Place. I’ll miss our little house on the corner and the endless list of things we still need to try and see.

So why leave? It’s because of what this city has taught me about myself.

I moved here seeking a challenge. Helping to open a store for Gearhead Outfitters in Utica Square, I worked hard to build a team and get the business involved in the community. Just as I am sad to leave a company that has taught me so much, I am sorry to leave a place that has done the same. Despite my sadness, I realize that both Gearhead and Tulsa were preparing and empowering me for what’s next. The skills I’ll need to succeed in my next venture have been forged in hours working with customers and in the time crafting articles for Preview 918.

My self-discovery has unfolded during long runs by the Arkansas River and over meals at locally owned restaurants. As I’ve strived to learn about Tulsa, I’ve learned just as much about my ambitions and desires as I have about where to find the perfect chicken and waffles.

I’ve been inspired by the passion of Tulsans serving their community and business owners building their success from the ground up. I’ve talked with those who have spent most of their lives here and those who have landed here after traveling the world. As I’ve written pieces on Tulsa’s story, I’ve begun to see how to better write my own life’s story.

So, I move on to the next chapter. However, before doing so, I am sure to linger in this one by taking in the outline of the city each chance I get.

Turkey Mountain
The best views are often ones you have to work for. While the effort required to reach this particular point isn’t tremendous, it will take a bit of a stroll to attain. Pause mid-hike or run to admire this scene or bring a picnic to enjoy for longer.

The Gathering Place
This park lived up to, and in many cases, far exceeded expectations. The park for everyone is a beautiful place to spend the day, release your inner child, and revel in the beauty of Tulsa. What a treasure for all this park indeed is, for what it holds and what it reminds us to be thankful for.

The Arkansas River
You’ll have to find a boat or participate in the Great Tulsa Raft Race to get this viewpoint of downtown Tulsa, but it’s one few have the chance to lay eyes on. As we floated down the Arkansas River last July, I looked around at our new friends, our dog, and our new home twinkling on the horizon due to the summer sun with a grin.

River West Festival Park
This view is possibly the most unobstructed, as it sits just across the river. Visit the park for one of the many festivals and events hosted there throughout the year or on a quiet weekend for peace, silence, and uninterrupted views of the Tulsa skyline.

Pearl Beach Brew Pub
This taproom on Peoria Avenue offers the perfect outdoor setting to have a drink, let the dogs play, and enjoy a pleasant summer afternoon or evening. The view is magical as the sun outlines Tulsa in a golden glow and lights twinkle around the yard.

The Boxyard
This is a great space to kick back with ice cream from Rose Rock Microcreamery and enjoy the beauty of the skyline from the rooftop seating.

Downtown Tulsa
There are a few places to admire the towering buildings from the sidewalks of downtown Tulsa. I’m sure these views are taken for granted as we bustle from one destination to the next, but the next time you’re downtown for work or play, take a glance upward to soak in the wonder of architecture. My favorite views are at the corner of detroit Avenue and Sixth Street or one block over at the corner of Boston Avenue and Sixth Street.

We may be leaving Tulsa, but there's much we have yet to experience and things we love so much that we'll return to enjoy. Tag your posts #TakenWithTulsa, and we'll be sure to check it out on a return visit.