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James Bailey and Brittany Spurrier

Stops: Savoy, Ida Red, Maryn's Taphouse and Raw Bar

$91.80 Challenger
$91.80 Challenger
February 28, 2018

The Mission: So providing an envelope of cash and telling people to spend it in 48 hours isn’t exactly a challenge, but it makes this assignment sound a lot more interesting. Spend $91.80 (we used the local area code for the amount) in two days. And if they could find fun and free activities ... bonus. The only catch was that they had to spend it at places, events or shops profiled in the February 2018 issue of Preview 918.

The Team: James Bailey and Brittany Spurrier

When we decided to take the $91.80 challenge, we wanted to make sure that we stepped outside of our comfort zone by trying some new places and hoping that people reading about our trip might want to as well.

Stop #1: Went to Savoy on a Sunday around 10 a.m. It was very busy and we had to take a number and wait to be seated. However, the wait was not long and before we knew it we were having a difficult time deciding what to order.

We started off with their famous cinnamon roll. It was flaky on the outside and gooey on the inside. A perfect balance between sweetness and cinnamon.

Brittany, wanting to venture out of the norm, decided on chorizo eggs Benedict. The hollandaise sauce was excellent and the chorizo had just enough spice to give it that extra bite. She paired that with a side of home potatoes; the two went together like Tulsa and road construction.

I chose the chorizo skillet — a blend of eggs, chorizo and cheese on a bed of home fried potatoes. The plate was accompanied by a side of salsa, which I immediately used to top off this hearty breakfast fusion.
Cost: $42

Stop #2: Later that afternoon we weren’t very hungry, but wanted to continue the $91.80 Challenge. We went downtown to Ida Red. I had a hot fudge sundae with chocolate whipped cream. It was everything you think a sundae should be. They gave me two scoops of ice cream, and I picked cookies and cream and chocolate caramel. It was delicious. Brittany got a chocolate milkshake, beautifully topped with whipped cream and a cherry. The service was great and very helpful. After our ice cream, we looked around the store. There was plenty of neat stuff with a very cool selection of unique Tulsa clothing and fun gifts.
Cost: $9

Stop #3: On Monday, we had dinner at Maryn’s Taphouse and Raw Bar in Jenks. When first walking in, we saw a big blackboard that showed all the specials they had throughout the week. Monday is $7 burger night. We only had about $40 left, and we knew it would be tight if we wanted to stay under budget. We started off with a half order of Oyster Lobsterfella. The appetizer is oysters topped with lobster, parmesan, spinach, cream cheese and Japanese bread crumbs. They are broiled and served on a bed of whole sea salt. 

I chose the jalapeno cream cheese burger for dinner. It was really good. It came with a side of fries that were also very tasty. Brittany is a big fan of nachos and she had spotted that Maryn’s had a nacho selection. The nachos were fairly standard but with queso instead of shredded cheese and homemade tortilla chips. They, too, were very good. She picked the pork option, and it was moist and had a really good flavor. It came out on a fairly good sized baking sheet, more than enough for the both of us.

We still had a few bucks left, so we found a dessert that fit our budget. The Chocolate Overload Cake is filled with chocolate mousse. It was served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with a bourbon and cinnamon cream sauce.
Cost: $38.49

We had a great time. I had not been to any of the places that we went, and Brittany had only eaten at Savoy once. I would recommend all of these places.

Think you can blow our cash in an interesting way? Like us on Facebook and drop a message with some of your ideas. We might just lace your pockets with green and turn you loose.