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It’s About Thai

All the exotic Thai flavors that those-in-the-know love are coming out of Suban King’s Broken Arrow kitchen, which serves as a tasty gateway to the wonders of southeast Asian cuisine.

Donna Leahey
Marc Rains
December 1, 2016

Amazing Thai Cuisine is more than just flavorful, authentic Thai flavors. Co-owner Keith King believes, “It’s the American dream come true.

The Broken Arrow restaurant is the dream of Keith’s wife, Suban, who is the owner, manager and chef. She serves up delicious, healthy, flavorful meals with a northeast flair.

“Some Thai restaurants westernize their food, to try to appeal to Americans,” says Keith. “My wife doesn’t go there. She makes her Thai food like she made it for her family over there. She’s not going to change the true flavor. She’s serious about that, and I think that comes through. The reviews, the compliments, are all about the flavor. And we have a lot of Thai that come here. We are the most authentic Thai you’re going to find.”

Keith is proud of what his wife has achieved. “Suban is from Thailand and grew up in the countryside. She learned how to make food every morning for her family,” he says. “She learned all her recipes from her village, a very specific taste and flavor from that part of the country. We met while I was going to college in Thailand. She had no English, didn’t even know how to fasten a safety belt. Now she has perfect English and owns a restaurant. The American dream, and she worked hard for it.”

Laab Chicken
Laab Chicken (Photo: Marc Rains)

If you’re worried about Thai food’s spicy reputation, King offers a reassurance. “All the recipes can be tamed down to be not spicy at all. Thai peppers are the hottest thing out there, so you can have your spice level from zero to hero, amazing hot, Thai hot, or not hot at all.”

Suban refuses to buy in bulk like many restaurants. “She goes out every morning to the market, to three different local stores,” Keith says. “Fresh ingredients every day. The spring rolls are made in the morning, and if there are any left that night, she throws them out.”

With a state-of-the-art, point-of-sale system, Keith says, “We can cater to special requirements for diets. The egg rolls are vegetarian. Thai food lends itself to vegetarian, and with a minor adjustment can go vegan.”

The most popular dish according to Keith, “is pad thai, hands down. The healthiest choice is pad ginger. It’s good for your blood, good for your health. It’s garlic, peppers and beef stir fried with mixed vegetables.”

Pad Ka Prow
Pad Ka Prow (Photo: Marc Rains)

King’s favorite dish? “All of it,” he declares. “If I had to choose, Panang Curry. I’m a curry fan. It’s tasty and, like tom kha soup, your mouth is going to light up like the Fourth of July.”

The feel of the dining room is authentic Thai. “The theme is simple,” says King, “more like what you’d see in a restaurant in Thailand than like a hyper-decorated American Thai restaurant. My wife has a good blend of the northeastern style and central Bangkok with their more ornate decorations. All the decor comes from Thailand, authentic pieces.”

Amazing Thai Cuisine
1232 E. Kenosha St. | Broken Arrow
Tuesday-Friday: 11 a.m.-8:30 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday: 11:30 a.m.-8 p.m.
Monday: Closed