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Is technology making us dumber?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
March 28, 2018

Shirley: Technology gives people the opportunity to see, hear and learn things schools don’t teach. It gives us the opportunity to connect with people around the world and learn how much we have in common.

Paul: I think technology is great when it enhances or extends the basis for our rational thought, but please don’t let it substitute as our only basis for rational thought. Have your own resources, and also leverage what you can gain from external resources like technology.

Victoria: It sure does make some people feel dumber when they don’t know how to properly use it.

Matthew: I would say yes. We use the power of technology to keep up with unimportant things, like social media, instead of improving ourselves.

Jim: Me am say no, tech make brain gooder.

Sal: No way. It’s totally the opposite. I understand where the question is coming from, but the benefits of having so much information at your fingertips, in virtually every possible area, far outweighs any negatives.

Sadie: I don’t think it’s making people dumber. If used properly, technology unlocks almost unlimited knowledge. However, I do think it’s causing more and more of us to have signs and symptoms of attention deficit disorder.

Angela: Yes, technology is keeping us from using so many valuable things like remembering phone numbers.

Amy: Both. Good because I can search and learn about anything and bad because I’m very reliant on it daily.

Raj: We’re only as smart as we choose to be, regardless of the technology.

Maddi: With knowledge at our fingertips, we know more as a whole. This might create an illusion that we are becoming dumber, because there is so much information available that we do not know.

Emily: As an educator, I’ve noticed the students' writing reflects the texting culture and language use. Also because of spellcheck, many don’t know how to spell anymore. Students rely on Google instead of using different reference materials for research. I’ve taught preschool through college and seen it all.

Nanette: Kids are allowed to do testing online and look up the answers. They’re not really learning the material.

Annie: I don’t think it is, but I do feel as if it makes us less social and personable with interpersonal relationships.

Kirstie: I think with teenagers it’s really messing with them big time.