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If you could get a true answer from a crystal ball, what would you ask?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
April 28, 2018

Michelle: I would find out the winning lottery numbers.

Zach: When to invest in bitcoin.

Spencer: What will the stock market do in 2018?

Dolores: What are my dad and mom doing? They’re in heaven.

Ben: Why am I here?

Amber: Will I ever own a 1957 Chevy?

Brandy: Will my children live long and healthy lives?

Sarah: If I knew I’d get a true answer, I would ask it to list out the experiences and adventures I would find most life-changing and worthwhile. However, knowing that they will be amazing will only heighten my anticipation and enjoyment.

Megan: Will I ever be happy? Has my husband ever cheated on me, or will he? I don’t know if I want to know the answer to those things.

Ryan: Will I pay off my student loans by the time I’m 60?

CJ: What’s the winning numbers to the next lottery drawing?

Michelle: Why are tacos better from a truck than a brick and mortar restaurant?

Roberta: Why do so many families have so much strife?

Phil: Which companies worth less than $10 million now will be worth billions in the next five years?

Kyle: Where will I be in five years?

Amanda: Why is Oklahoma weather so bipolar? I think this question would more than likely break the ball.