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If you could gain one ability, what would it be?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
June 28, 2018

Jenny: I always wished I could fly. But I know wisdom is the best thing to wish for.

Maddy: Endless energy.

Jessica: Fluent in other languages.

Abigail: Know every language spoken by humans and animals.

Erika: I would love to be able to teleport. To get somewhere instantaneously, not having to travel or be stuck in traffic or anything would be awesome.

David: Bring back family and friends who are no longer with us.

NIccole: Eat Taco Bueno and Chick-fil-A every day and never gain weight.

Ethan: Freeze time. I struggle balancing time for myself, family, friends, work and pleasure. Being able to freeze time would assure that I have adequate time to spend with the people I care about and improve myself.

Bridget: Teleport or read the minds of people.

Lindsey: I think I’d like to be able to subtly manipulate entropy. I’d like to be lucky. Kind of like Domino in the Marvel universe.

Joe: To have uncommon restraint.

Debbie: Find the things that were lost or misplaced.

Meriah: Transport myself to any place or time.

Taralynn: Able to teach anybody anything.

Grace: To have a photographic memory because I’ve always wanted to be that person who wins trivia night. And it would also really benefit my research job.

Solomon: Grow money on trees.

Matt: Function without any sleep and never get tired. I could get so much more done during those extra six or seven hours.