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How careful are you in the sun?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
June 30, 2017

Taylor: I use SPF 70 on my face and chest and SPF 30 everywhere else. I'm Native American so I am more prone to get red out in the sun, so I protect those areas more. Also, I'm trying to prevent fine lines, wrinkles and skin damage on my face.

Julie: I don't always get out in the sun, but when I do, I use SPF, glasses, hat, and a cooling towel.

Ruth: I wear moisturizer with SPF in it every day. If I know I'm going to be outside I usually put on sunscreen and pack some in case I need to put more on.

Z: I never wear sunscreen because I've only ever tanned. But when I went to California, something about the altitude fried me like chicken.

Brittany: Not as careful as I should be.

Andrew: I’m a natural tanner, so I don’t wear much sunscreen.

Nanci: I'm very careful in the sun. Melanoma is a real threat and often is ignored or never even noticed. A sunburn that ends up blistering is a second-degree burn. Sunburns are nothing to be flippant about.

Jonica: As a lifeguard, I spend many hours in the sun, so I slather on coconut oil to prevent getting sunburned and to stay moisturized.

Jade: Very careful. As a redhead, I have two colors: sour cream and burnt lobster.

Butch: Not at all. I’ve been in the sun pretty much my entire life. I’m part Indian, so it doesn’t bother me. If I burn, I just peel and turn darker.

Mckenzie: Since having melanoma when I was 24, I am now extremely diligent with sun protection. I wear sunscreen every day and have quite the wide-brimmed hat collection. I love the great outdoors, so I refuse to let the risk of skin cancer keep me inside.