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How are you going to spend your tax refund?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
February 28, 2018

Linda: Tax refund? What's that?

Trevor: Putting it all in savings to go toward college next year.

Khena: I'm not getting a refund this year.

Norman: Donate it to the National Park Service. Their budget will undoubtedly be cut by Congress to pay for our tax reduction.

Kristen: We are saving our tax return to allow me to take a maternity leave this spring when our baby arrives.

Tamara: Pay off credit card debt and fix up the house to sell it.

Jason: We are putting our tax return toward paying off our car.

Cheri: Now that [the kids] are out of the house we no longer get money back. We usually have to pay a little. Just another sad reality of children growing up. We used to use the money to buy Silver Dollar City tickets and take a vacation.

Monica: I'm going to spend part of it on swimsuits, then save the rest for my spring break trip to Miami.

Melany: I am planning to adopt two kittens from the pet shelter. They run up to $100 each and I’m hoping to get two siblings so they get along.

Tommy: The last six months have been one headache after another and taxes are one of them.

Sam: I’m putting mine toward paying off a credit card.

Erica: I'm buying a fine bottle of wine, then putting the rest into savings.

George: I’m investing it all in a new business.

Laurie: Paying bills and an oil change.

Kimberly: A cup of coffee.