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Hook, Dine and Drinker

The wide-ranging menu at Los Cabos paired with its stellar beverage program, makes one yearn for a trip to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

Rob Harmon
Marc Rains
December 1, 2016

With a cantina-style, seaside resort atmosphere, you'll find few restaurant options to rival Los Cabos in the Tulsa area. For 10 years running, top-shelf
 food and drinks and an even greater dedication to consistent service has made Los Cabos a destination restaurant of Green Country.

Los Cabos owner Jimmy Blacketer and his family have a rich history in the restaurant business, stretching back six decades to his parent’s Chi Chi’s restaurants in Houston. In middle school and high school, while his father stepped into the office role of the restaurant, Jimmy would step into the kitchen and learn how to make guacamole, pico de gallo and refried beans — all the traditional recipes.

“I remember hanging out in the kitchens and spending the majority of my time peeling potatoes, doing whatever I could to help out around the kitchen. It was fun for me. I enjoyed it,” he says.

In the mean time, Blacketer learned different styles and techniques of cooking. He developed into a savvy restaurateur, not by going to culinary school, but by getting in the kitchen and practicing. He now knows not only the front of the house, customer service, and presentation of the dishes, but the ins and outs of the back of the house and the kitchen, as well.

Blacketer’s first dab at ownership was
 a concept he developed called Atomic Burrito. Located on Tulsa’s famous Cherry Street, it was a hybrid of Chipotle and Baja Fresh that offered a high quality, variety
of food.

“Back then, we would start with a core recipe, and we would make it,” Blacketer says. “We would say, ‘It needs a little more this, a little more that.’ We would then make it over and over again until we felt like it was perfect, until every item was the best it could be. That’s where a lot of the recipes at Los Cabos came from.”

Pollo Con Chorizo
Pollo Con Chorizo (Photo: Marc Rains)

When Blacketer refers to “we,” he’s referring to a few members of his crew that were with him back in the Atomic Burrito days and are still with him now. Together they prepare some of the best Mexican dishes you’ll find anywhere in Tulsa, combining a traditional and modern air.

There’s something for everyone on their diverse menu with $10 dishes to higher-end sophisticated combination platters. And Los Cabos consistently offers more than what you’d expect from a Mexican restaurant. Of course they have fajitas, enchiladas and taco platters, but it’s their spectacular seafood menu that sets them apart and dazzles customers.

The Camarones Alambres is absolutely delicious and a gourmet delight. Five gigantic shrimp stuffed with tantalizing creamy pepper jack cheese and richly flavored jalapenos, are wrapped in bacon and grilled just right. Discriminating shrimp lovers can’t get this kind of shrimp dish just anywhere.

The Tilapia Los Cabos has been a guest favorite and there are a few reasons why. First of all, the creamy white wine sauce they smother it in is the kind you want a container for to take home with you. Secondly, the scallops, shrimp and real crabmeat they top it with are so succulent, they’re a meal in themselves.

The mahi mahi with mango shrimp salsa is another unique item on their magical seafood menu. A filet of your common dolphin fish becomes anything but common when perfectly grilled and creatively seasoned by the Los Cabos culinary wizards.

Tamale Plate
Tamale Plate (Photo: Marc Rains)

“It’s our people who really make us who we are,” Blacketer says, praising his kitchen staff. “From our dishwashers, to our line cooks, to our managers, all of them are what keeps Los Cabos consistently providing the experience our guests expect. Five of our people have been with us going all the way back to the Atomic Burrito. What’s that, 17 years?”

Because of the longevity of their loyal management and staff and their commitment to consistent recipes and ingredients, Los Cabos will taste the same no matter which of the three Green Country locations you visit.

“If not, you let us know,” Blacketer says of their high standards of consistency. “Our guests know that the food will taste the same way it did when we opened back May 5, 2005. They can expect it to taste that way 11 years from now, as well. We have systems in place to assure that.”

The Los Cabos staff is dedicated to wine checks three times a day, and ingredient checks multiple times throughout the day, every day. “Any product that isn’t up to
our standards of freshness,” he says, “we throw it out, because it won’t be the overall product people expect when they visit us.”

Amazing food, dedicated and loyal service, award-winning drinks, all combined with a hacienda feel nestled next to a beautiful body of water, Los Cabos has captured something rare. Visit any of the locations and escape the day- to-day worries of deadlines, group texts and conference calls. Enjoy a great meal and a cool drink and get away.

Los Cabos Mexican Grill & Cantina

300 Riverwalk Terrace | Jenks

151 Bass Pro Dr. | Broken Arrow

9455 N. Owasso Expressway | Owasso

Sunday-Thursday (all locations):
11 a.m.-9 p.m.
Friday-Saturday (all locations):
11 a.m.-10 p.m.