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Hitting the Mark

Beyond the axeperts playing characters and helping you ring the bell when you score a bullseye, Cinergy axe lanes feature other details that increase the likelihood that everyone will enjoy success.

Michele Chiappetta
Sarah Eliza Roberts
March 28, 2020

There’s a new axe-throwing option in Tulsa where you can get as Paul Bunyan as you like. And not surprisingly, those axe-throwing lanes are located in one of T-Town’s glitziest entertainment centers — Cinergy.

If you haven’t been to Cinergy yet or haven’t stopped in recently, you’ll want to get over there and check it out. The mix of video games, VR, high-definition rides, escape rooms, bowling, and movies all under one roof is appealing for kids and adults of all ages looking for something fun to do. The axe-throwing lanes, all 12 of them, are new and promise to up your axe game.

For starters, Cinergy’s axe lanes are designed to get you as highly involved as possible in the experience. “We like to do an immersive feeling,” explains Aaron Latus, general manager. “We want people to feel like they’re in the woods. Our axeperts play characters; they’re going to be looking like lumberjacks. Our people are very attentive, knowledgeable, and engaged. They’re acting out a role to make it more fun for guests.”

The goal is a combination of fun and scoring because everyone wants to get on the board and stick their axe when they play this game. The more you score, the happier Cinergy is going to be about it. “Our axeperts are going to be super engaged with the guests,” says Traci Hoey, director of marketing and sales. “Our axeperts are really good. We’re going to make it a fun and engaging experience.”

It’s a stringent process to become a Cinergy axepert, involving both mastery of the skills of throwing the axe and teaching others how to do the same, as well as providing top-notch customer service so that guests never feel like they’re fending for themselves. “I think it is about how you experience it with your axepert. It’s really about the attention you get, and at some places, you don’t get that,” says Hoey.

Beyond the skilled axeperts playing characters and helping you ring the bell when you score that bullseye, Cinergy axe lanes feature other details that increase the likelihood that everyone in your axe-throwing group will enjoy success— which is what it’s all about.

“We use a higher-quality wood, so your axe sticks more,” says Latus. No old, pitted, thin boards here. “We have new hatchets, which we’ll replace as needed and keep sharp. We’ll make sure you get the best value and experience we can offer. We want everybody to feel like they are good at this.”

There’s even a choice of axes to help guests find the best fit for their hand. “We have two size axes,” says Hoey. “One’s a little bit heavier in weight and guys tend to throw with it. The smaller one, women and children often throw with, because it’s lighter-weight and easier to throw.”

Of course, tossing axes around has to be done safely, and Cinergy has done its homework on this front. The axeperts will explain to all players how to handle their axes, how to throw, and how to stay safe. “We take safety seriously,” says Latus. “So, we put employees and guests through safety training.” In addition, there are age requirements. Only adults and children ages 11 and up will be allowed to play, and guests are kept to five to six per lane. Proper axe etiquette is taught and encouraged at all times.

In keeping with Cinergy’s overall service approach, the axe lanes will have personal servers available to take orders and bring guests food and drinks. “Our people make the experience. That’s what we aim for,” says Latus.

Axe throwing is also great for special events. “It’s great for team building, corporate events, tournament type stuff, and fundraisers,” says Hoey.

“I think it’s unique,” adds Latus. “It’s a great team-building exercise because it requires focus and determination. It’s very addictive. It’s been around for a little bit, but it’s catching on, and we want to be part of it.”

The ticket prices are very reasonable, at $12.99 per person on weekdays and $19.99 per person on weekends, for 75-minute lane rental.

Overall, guests can look forward to a great time, one that is memorable and keeps you coming back for more. “Cinergy is one of the best at offering a wholly unique experience,” says Latus. “For our guests and us, it’s not just the time and money. It’s the experience.”  

6808 S. Memorial Dr., Ste. 300 | Tulsa
Monday-Friday: 11 a.m.-Midnight
Saturday-Sunday: 9 a.m.-2 a.m.