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Have you ever felt embarrassed by things you used to like?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
August 28, 2018

Taylor: I was far more obsessed with the TV show Charmed than a 13-year-old boy should have been.

Lauren: I get embarrassed every time one of my Facebook memories comes up from eight or nine years ago.

Kyle: I could probably name a few girls.

Kendall: Tattoos I got when I was younger.

Kathy: Danielle Steele novels.

Rachel: I used to love wearing dark eyeshadow and lots of eyeliner, and now when I look back on all of my high school pictures I look like a raccoon.

Chris: Yeah absolutely. I used to like music because other people didn’t. As obscure as possible.

Alex: I remember when Linkin Park put out their single, “In the End” back in middle school, I fell in love with that band. Me and my friends would ride around town on our bikes screaming out our favorite songs. Loved it. Now as an adult, I find that I can’t listen to that band with other people. Sometimes I can’t listen to them even when alone.

Luciana: Nope, because I still like all of them. I’m not easily embarrassed.

Charlie: My music choices in middle school.

Thai: Not really. I’ve always had cool tastes and I don’t regret anything. I don’t really get embarrassed about anything; there’s no reason to.

Jen: I had to really think hard on this. I think the most embarrassing thing I used to like was the bodice ripper novels where the young virgin is kidnapped or saved from some sort of dire circumstance. I’m rolling my eyes thinking about it now. I would sneak these books from my stepmom. The poor damsel would always fall in love with the one who hurt her. This is pretty much Stockholm Syndrome when you think about it. I tried reading one a few years ago and I couldn’t get past the fourth chapter. Lots of eye rolling and feeling icky for reading it.

Fred: Yeah. My first wife.

Janelle: When I was a little kid, instead of playing with dolls, I played with a yellow dump truck.

Jason: Bill Clinton.

Spenser: My little white country self wore a whole lot of Marc Ecko that was about two sizes too big. I was out of my element.