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Hair We Go

Although fall tends to beckon more subtle hairstyles, this year’s cold-weather looks are anything but simple and seem to throw us back in time in more ways than one.

Ryann Gordon
September 29, 2017

As summer fades to fall, so do many of our favorite, bouncy hairstyles that just don’t seem to sit the same way on a coat or inside a hood. And not only are our hairstyles changing for the cold weather, but the colors are fading as well, from bright, summer colors like pinks and blues to deeper, more romantic shades like maroon and, the most popular color of the year, silver-gray.

Although fall tends to beckon more subtle hairstyles, this year’s cold-weather looks are anything but simple and seem to throw us back in time in more ways than one. We can expect hair that explodes like your mom’s pictures from the ‘80s, slicks down like grandpa’s comb-over or can barely be seen beneath layers of headbands, clips, bows and even pieces of string and fake hair that has been woven in. Whatever you do — don’t forget the dryer sheet in your pocket for the static.


Pony show
The ponytail is changing this fall, from straight-back to the side-slicked, polished look. Use either oil or hairspray to avoid flyaways and add some texture to your pony — either a large, messy braid or wild, out-of-control curls — and let your hair do the talking.

Or, rather than slicking your hair back in a more tamed pony, go for a delicate, swept-back look that basically screams fairy princess. Throw in some baby braids and utilize your bobby pins to ensure no pieces fall later on. Part your hair in the center and braid down both sides, then cross them across the center for a crown braid like the wildly intricate hairstyles in Game of Thrones.


Go shorty
Sometimes when the temps drop, it’s time for a chop. Pair long, side-swept fringe with a shaggy pixie cut that straddles the line between masculine and feminine in the best possible way. Unlike some trends, this look works equally well for work, school or a night out and is inexpensive less to maintain. From a textured bob to timeless chic, keep your look sharp or play up that texture.


Slick it up
Put a twist on a traditional pony and slick it down with a deep side part. Break out your boyfriend’s gel and get your comb ready; part your hair far to one side or the other and pull it back into a tight ponytail or bun. Or, try out a newer trend and drop the pony completely. Slick your hair down on the side or straight back out of the face for a look that says gym-fleek on the streets.

If the straight, slicked-down style is a bit too boyish for you, try contrasting it with wild hair underneath. Either slick your hair down to the side behind your ears or straight back and out of sight (or not so much). Then, add the drama and pump up the volume underneath with either wild, savage-like hair or a puffy bun that expands beyond the height of your head. Having your hair showing in the back will eliminate the boyishness of your hair slicked out of your face, while also highlighting your facial features.


Curls just wanna have fun
Bangs have forever been limiting when it comes to curly hair, but luckily for those curly-headed cuties, the bangs are back in action! Whip your hair back and forth with a rocker-style hairdo and don’t worry about messing it up for the day — that’s the point.

Along with this trend is the return of more ‘80s-inspired hairstyles. Dig out those hair rollers from the attic and embrace the inner diva that you’ve always tried to control — teased up, puffed out, oversized, over-dramatic hair that draws every eye in the room. Either go with your natural curls or backcomb the front for a high-fashion look that will make you feel as though you’re walking down the runway no matter where you are.

Also try out the double-textured trend. Tease up the bottom half of your hair with big curls and flatten out the top to your head, then behind your ears.


Braidly go
Unlike the traditional, loose, fluffy braids that have forever been popular, the trend this fall is in the teeny, baby braids. Either fill your hair with random, peekaboo braids or go for something more dramatic, like a woven head of cornrows. Add some extra fun to your braids by weaving in some colored string or rainmaker beads.

Embrace your inner Sporty Spice with woven styles of various shapes and styles, either tight cornrows or loose plaits. Pull your hair back in an overly-loosened braid or fishtail braid. Throw in some clips to hold it together and hit the streets with this fashion staple that we can assume will never lose its luster. Or, just let half of it down and go with the half-up braid above bouncy, large curls that’ll have you thinking you got lost in a secret garden somewhere in Neverland.


That's a wrap
Add-ons are all the rage this year, from shiny clips and ponytail covers to oversized headbands of scarves. One of this fall’s major trends making a comeback is the head-bow. Go bow crazy with a large, floppy, black bow wrapped around your ponytail, or let a baby-bow with long strings hang down the back of your head along with your hair, and add a little femininity to the idea of going black tie.

Go further than a simple black ribbon and whip out the craft box for this look — colored string. Either weave in multiple colors of silver, gold or more dramatic shades into your braid, or wrap the string around a clip and hide somewhere deep in your flow. Match the colors to what you’re wearing, or go straight festival-crazy and pick every color of the rainbow to get lost in your weave. And if the Hobby Lobby string is just a little too childish for you, buy clip-in hair extensions and dye them yourself. Do a wide variety of colors so that you can match your hair with your ensemble, and you’ll be killing the Coachella look all the way from Oklahoma.