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Glamour and Glitter

If there's one night to bust out all the sparkles and shine, it's New Year's Eve. Embrace the opportunity to dress up and set your fashion tone for 2017.

Ryann Gordon
December 1, 2016

For those of us common folk who don’t regularly attend elegant galas and other Oscar-themed extravaganzas, New
Year’s Eve is perhaps the most go-all-out glamorous night of the year. It’s that one night when anyone and everyone can channel their inner sparkly, shimmery, shiny goddess and dress to impress without the slightest bit of shame.

Whether you’ve planned a fancy night on the town or you’re sticking to a simple get-together with friends closer to home, embrace this opportunity to dress up and be the showstopper you were always born to be.

There’s nothing more exciting than a reason to get all dolled up and show off what you’re working with — especially if it’s a flashy, designer dress that has been locked up in your closet, just waiting for the perfect occasion. Dressing for New Year’s Eve is simple, yet unconventionally complicated in its own way.

New Year’s Eve is one of those rare occasions when you can go all-out with sequins, basically from head to toe. Wow any crowd with a fish scale, sequin-covered cocktail dress or evening gown that delves in a low V down the chest or back, or perhaps slits high up the leg for a more modern and subtly scandalous look. And reversible, two-tone sequin fabrics, that change colors depending on angle and light, make for a meme-worthy color-duo.

Sequins don’t have to be worn in excess though; sequin-encrusted designs and sequin embroidery on lace or mesh give just the right hint of shimmer to any dress or outfit. Go for a sequin decorated, tight micro-mini skirt with a sheer top tucked
 in; or opt for a serpentine cup-style, loose sequin crop top alongside a leather skirt for a more edgy look. And if the ashy sparkles are too much, add a dash in the accessory department with a sequin purse or heels.

‍Dressing for New Year’s Eve is simple, yet unconventionally complicated in its own way.

One place where glitter is taking a major stance is surprisingly on the face. While ‘90s-style rhinestones on the face have 
once again become a staple in festival fashion, glittery makeup was one of the most recognizable trends at fashion week this year. Sparkles expanding outside of the brows and bold, disco-ball glitter above and below the eyes is a fun way to add some pizzazz to your traditional makeup look. Use eyelash glue to outline your eyeliner and dot loose glitter above your eyes; or channel the Fendi-inspired glitter lips seen on models like Gigi Hadid and Taylor Hill.

One notable fashion trend this year was velvet and it will probably be popular among 2017 NYE partygoers. Go for subtle velvet colors like black or blue, or mix it up and shine in an eye-catching gold or silver velvet dress. Velvet is lovely on any part of the body because it can be worn as a dominating factor or as an accessory solely on your purse or shoes — velvet boots being one look that has become quite the rage in the fashion world. Pair a set of black, Public Desire velvet thigh-highs with a simple, black tube-top dress and look like Hailey Baldwin watching the ball drop in Time Square.

Metallic prints give o attention-grabbing dramatic luster, and tend to be much more comfortable and functional than chainmail or a full-on glitter ensemble, because they are often made from fabrics like nylon, polyester, silk or satin. Wear a silky, gold or silver maxi for a more delicate look, or go space cadet with a luminescent, hologram skirt — better yet, make it a two-piece. Play around with two-toned metallic prints and fun fabrics such as silk organza, rose gold- layered chi on or even a bouncy, silver long eyelash-covered skirt like you might see Emma Roberts wear in Scream Queens.

Turn down the drama and opt for statement patterns embellished by silver and gold embroidery; or simply add a hint of flashiness to your ensemble with vibrant colored metallic accessories.

Go for colors that are subtly translucent 
or highly reflective. Find a dress that is glamorous and showy with rhinestones and glitter or dainty and elegant with dazzling lace embroidery. Or opt for accessories of shimmery velvet or an all-out eye-catching ensemble of vibrant metallic, sparkling sequins and makeup to match.

Whatever you do, utilize this opportunity to set the tone for 2017 and dress to impress this New Year’s Eve. Embrace your unique sense of style for the good of fashion, the christening of 2017 and for the love of yourself — don’t you think you deserve it?