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Flower Power

Offering a highly personalized and creative experience, Ever Something focuses on creating a one-of-a-kind vision that showcases the enormously transformative power of floral and design.

Michele Chiappetta
Sarah Eliza Roberts
March 28, 2020

Need an event designed or a wedding coordinated? Want an elegant arrangement of flowers to honor mom on Mother’s Day? Looking for stellar bouquets for your bridal party — flowers that look as lovely as what you’ll see in a design magazine? It’s time to turn to Tulsa’s Ever Something, a floral arrangement and event planning company that is as bright and memorable as a cascade of sweetheart roses.

Ever Something’s co-owner Taylor Fowler first fell in love with flower arranging in 2011, when she discovered a passion for recreating the beautiful images she saw in vintage gardening books and flower photographs. “I was just a DIY type of person,” she says. “I’ve always been pretty creative, and I’ve always enjoyed working with flowers, and I got into doing flowers by myself.”

Fowler loved flower arrangements so much, she even dreamed about creating a floral business of some kind. But the company she now co-owns didn’t bloom into being until she was approached by her soon-to-be business partner, Katie Carpenter (whose husband, Justin, owns Foolish Things Coffee Co.). As it turned out, Fowler and her husband decided to hold their wedding at Foolish Things, and fate was about to intervene.

“My business partner, Katie, and I met because my husband and I got married at Foolish Things,” says Fowler. “I did all of my flowers and the design of my wedding. Katie noticed, and she approached me. It turned out she had a background in event planning, so we teamed up. Now, she does all the wedding planning and coordination we do. And I handle all the floral arrangements.”

That was seven years ago, and the ladies of Ever Something haven’t looked back. Business has been good, and they love the process of creating locally-sourced, personally stamped event planning that is strikingly beautiful to see.

“We mostly do events, weddings, and everything like that,” says Fowler. “We do have a flower shop too, but it’s only open by appointment. It’s a studio where we create flower arrangements for events.”

For those considering Ever Something for event planning, all you need to do is browse the business’s online gallery or Instagram feed to see the beautiful designs and arrangements you’ll receive. The photographs are gorgeous and elegant, full of roses and decorative sprays, as you’d expect to see at a wedding. The team is creative, and they love it best when the bride and groom give them leeway to design a customized look personalized to the couple.

“One thing we always tell our couples is to not necessarily decide all of the designs and flowers based on things they see from other weddings,” says Fowler. “We’d rather they come to us and tell us about them and their personal style and what they like to do together as a couple. We use that as inspiration in the design of their wedding. Whether they love modern design or vintage or nature, all can play a role in creating the design of the flowers and the overall wedding in general. We like to find out more about them personally, so they don’t just go and choose what someone else has done. We encourage them to keep an open mind and let us do what we do best.”

For flowers, Fowler recommends that brides start the planning at least four to six months in advance of the wedding. That’s the sweet spot. But if you come in needing something faster, they’ll do all they can to accommodate you. With a sizable team to help pull off events, Ever Something is as flexible as they come.

A signature element of Ever Something’s floral designs is that they work as much as possible with seasonal and locally grown flowers. “We work with as many farms as we can in the surrounding areas,” says Fowler. “Stillwater, Claremore, Broken Arrow — we try to get as many flowers, especially in spring and summer, locally.”

Ever Something handles weddings and other events in the Tulsa area, usually at Spain Ranch in Jenks, though they’ll work with you wherever you want to be. They get down to Oklahoma City for weddings often. They’ve even traveled to Asheville, North Carolina, to design and coordinate an event. For another big event in Claremore last year, a three-day event, Ever Something rented a large refrigerated truck to store and craft arrangements created with all locally grown flowers. “It was pretty amazing to see what our community could pull together for this event,” she says.

In addition to weddings, Ever Something also specializes in planning and arranging for intimate, personal gatherings, the events that make up the special moments of life. “We enjoy doing baby showers. We do a lot of bridal showers, anniversaries, the things that go beyond a wedding, the personal events that people are celebrating,” Fowler says.

Twice a year, for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, Ever Something creates specialized arrangements, usually a few designs which they create and then post on their website. People can choose one of these designs and place an order, and Ever Something will deliver it. Special orders at other times of the year are also possible; place your request through the website.

For an unusual bit of fun, check out the cocktail and floral workshops Ever Something hosts once or twice monthly at Foolish Things Bar and Biscuit on Brookside. Spend the evening learning the craft of cocktails and the art of floral arranging. “We also do private workshops as well at our Kendall-Whittier location,” says Fowler. “We can host 30-35 people in our shop for parties and special events.”  

Ever Something
2306 E. Admiral Blvd. | Tulsa