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Drafting a Winner

Maryn’s Taphouse and Raw Bar is no fish-out-of-water thanks to the vision of Corey Crandall who has created a modern gastropub offering a bar-lover’s paradise and plenty of plates from land and sea.

Rob Harmon
Marc Rains
June 29, 2017

What is it about a restaurant or bar that makes customers come back, time and time again? People who’ve been to George’s Pub in Jenks know. The owner of George’s Pub, Corey Crandall, makes sure it’s stocked full of the most amazing beer selections, superior food and one of the friendliest atmospheres around. Now, if you could multiply that by a bajillion and make it family-friendly (George’s is a 21 and over establishment), then you’ll have Crandall’s newest creation.

Maryn’s Taphouse and Raw Bar is a complete dining experience for all ages on the Jenks side of the Arkansas River.

The restaurant gets its name from Crandall’s first-born daughter, Maryn, who is less than a year old. Also, less than a year in the making is the construction of Crandall’s dream restaurant. In December 2016, they began the build and it is now open for business, with tremendous response so far.

“I designed every square centimeter of the whole thing,” says Crandall.

That’s a very good thing, because Crandall has had award-winning success with his first business, George’s Pub.

“George’s was kind of a simple one, to be honest, nothing this big. I had a really solid team around me to do all this: Matt Parks, my general manager and Josh McClure, the chef. If it weren’t for them, we’d still be trying to open this place,” Crandall says.

Crandall has been traveling, studying bars and restaurants his whole career, finding ideas deemed cool and different, in preparation for his next big thing. Maryn’s is it. The design of the upscale restaurant is an open-air style that shows off its enormous size, and every seat in the house has a view of the bar. In fact, upon entering, your eyes are drawn to the expansive and modern bar. A cool, hip raw bar with oysters and other seafood is at one end of it.

Maryn's Taphouse Party at the Moon Tower
Party at the Moon Tower (Photo: Marc Rains)

The bar inside Maryn’s is not the only innovative attraction you’ll experience, though. “We upgraded all our digital features [in comparison to George’s],” says Crandall.

On a display above the bar, a large screen shows all the current, and rather extensive, beer selections Maryn’s provides, by way of a trending app called TapHunter. Anyone from anywhere in the world can download TapHunter and find where their favorite beers are being served, and Maryn’s is serving a lot of those.

One hundred different beers — 40 on tap and 60 in the bottle — to choose from, either by the pint or half-pint, makes Maryn’s Taphouse worthy of their name, but the food experience is just as exceptional.

“Josh McClure came from The Chalkboard,” says Crandall, “and we came up with several ideas at the beginning. It took some time to get the vision of what I had down, which is just a little more modern gastropub, but not too much fine dining.”

Lobster rolls, made from fresh lobsters shipped in daily, are quickly becoming Meryn’s customers’ favorite menu item. We’re talking about extremely fresh lobster meat, mixed with housemade sauce, perfectly spiced, served on a baguette that honestly would be an awesome appetizer on its own.

“In-house” is a commonly used word in Maryn’s. Hand-cutting everything, making their own batter, never buying food already made, (which Crandall feels ultimately makes it less expensive and taste better), is what they’re all about. They make all their sauces and all their mixtures for cocktails in-house too!

Maryn's Taphouse Braised Short Ribs
Braised Short Ribs (Photo: Marc Rains)

“We get our oysters — they’re Blue Point oysters — from New York and Connecticut every day. They’re the Cadillac of oysters so they’re super clean and clear. They’re fresh, and that is the key,” says Crandall.

Choosing the Jenks side of the river location was a no-brainer for Crandall. Besides the view of the river and being next to other high-quality restaurants and attractions that bring people to Jenks in droves, Crandall was excited about this particular spot.

“A lot of the guys who took this development over were regulars at George’s. They would have meetings and kept talking about available spaces over here,” Crandall says. “We see it as exciting times over this way. We’ve now got the opportunity to build a huge patio that serves 80 people. That’ll either come in the fall or next spring. But before we do that, we’ve got make sure we’re doing everything else right on the inside.”

Over time, Crandall expects to see the same kind of loyal crowd of customers he’s become accustomed to at George’s Pub. With the opportunity to build a restaurant from the ground up, Crandall saw his chance to memorialize one of his favorite and most loyal customers. In appreciation of a local icon, a loyal customer and a good friend, Crandall built a special meeting room named after Alan Woodward, a Tulsa soccer legend and favorite player of the rock ‘n’ roll band Def Leppard.

With any new restaurant, especially one that is driven to perfection the way all of Crandall’s past restaurant ventures have been, there are still opportunities that the passionate owner aims to improve upon.

“We’re working hard to improve the quality and consistency of all aspects of the restaurant daily,” says Crandall, “and we’re seeing great results.”

Maryn's Taphouse and Raw Bar
400 Riverwalk Terrace, Suite 180 | Jenks
Monday-Thursday: 4-11 p.m.
Friday: 4 p.m.-Midnight
Saturday: 10 a.m.-Midnight
Sunday: 10 a.m.-9 p.m.