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Do you feel comfortable going to dinner or movies alone?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
January 30, 2018

Joyce: I don’t go out to eat by myself but go to the movies all the time.

Patrick: I don’t mind because it gives me a few minutes to myself.

Barrington: I frequently eat alone in restaurants because I’m on the road a lot with business. But I prefer the company and conversation of people.

Nancy: I would and have gone to dinner alone. If there was a movie I wanted to see, of course I would go alone.

Marianna: All the time. If you show yourself friendly, you will meet the nicest people.

Nanci: I was with my ex-husband for 21 years. I think I’ve gone to dinner once by myself since divorcing in 2013. I was a kid when we got together, so I’m pretty uncomfortable doing stuff on my own.

Josh: If I don’t have anyone who wants to go with me, I’m happy to go myself. Once I’m out, I can talk to pretty much anyone.

Katie: I do feel comfortable. Sometimes I like to go places or see movies that no one else wants to.

Mariah: I feel comfortable going to the movies alone. I actually enjoy it!

Kathy: Although I enjoy time with others, I love time spent alone as I’m a classic introvert. That time is re-energizing.

Theresa: I go to movies by myself regularly. My husband and I will separate for our individual tastes and then meet back up in the lobby later.

Jasmine: I love going out alone. If I’m on my own, I don’t worry that someone else doesn’t like the food or the film. I can start a conversation with a stranger without feeling like I’m ignoring a companion.

Claire: Actually, I prefer it on occasion. It’s nice to have some time to yourself.

Shannon: I have never gone out to eat or the movies alone, but I wouldn’t mind it.

Stephen: Movies by myself? You bet. Eating out by myself is comfortable for me. Was a road rep for years and got used to it.

DeAnn: Sometimes I like to go by myself just to have some me time.

Kimberly: Life is too short to have to wait for other people to be in sync. Dining, movies, anything is fine when you enjoy your own company and the event.

Rebecca: Comfortable yes, but kind of depends on what restaurant. A nice restaurant is awkward to go to by myself. When this happened to me in October for a business trip, it felt kind of awkward.