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Do you do more listening or talking?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
July 28, 2018

Kristi: As an introvert, I tend to be more comfortable in a crowd listening, although it’s more even when chatting with one or two people, especially if they are old friends or have one or more strong affinities in common.

Sue: I enjoy both.

Crystal: Talking. Why am I such a chatty Cathy?

Amy: I talk a lot, but I’m working on my listening skills.

Shannon: Talking, but I’m trying to listen more. I need to work on this.

Maddi: Probably more listening. It depends on who I’m with. I’m a big talker when I’m around family, but with friends I think it’s important to listen.

Tyson: I want to be a listener and I can be really good at it at times, but I’m still more prone to talk. But I aspire to be a listener. I figure I already know what I know, so if I’m talking, that means I’m not learning.

Tyler: Talking. I drink a lot of coffee and think people want to hear what I have to say. My wife has a lot of patience, being

married to me.

Jessica: I prefer listening as long as it’s not a one-sided conversation.

Jason: Listening. Especially when I am selling. The art of selling is by listening to your customer and then responding to their needs.

JoAnn: I listen all the time and hardly ever talk, especially about myself.

Trey: I’m a talker for certain. I love working ideas out with people. Talking through something is my favorite way of testing an idea, thinking through different viewpoints and circling back with something new.

Andrea: I’m a better listener. It kind of goes with the territory here at Indigo. As a great listener I can tune into my clients’ needs.

Lou-Ann: Talking.

Butch: Talking, sometimes too much. Listening, not enough.

Rik: Talking. I am also conscious of that and working on improvement.

Ashley: Listening. Everyone wants to talk, but listeners are better at building relationships.

Shaan: I’m a better listener. It’s easier to listen than to speak. Everyone loves talking.

Addison: I like to hear people’s life stories and get to know them better.